Your Pets-Prevent Them Before They Encounter A Peril

Pets prevent before encounter a peril-min

While you bring a stray animal to your home to make them what is called as pets, you might have pledged to yourself and to it too, that you would leave no stone unturned in taking good care of it. What is more important is, you are following each and every step according to the level of your brains to keep it utmost safe and sound in your dwelling place. But you might not be aware of the fact that while the outer good care could make it hearty, the other things which are not viable to your brain and eyes could cost it heavily. From the utmost security in its food habits to its careful sanitation and living, each and every step you follow should be well judged and measured so that, once a stray animal and now your faithful mate, your pet could be safeguarded from all the dangers and risks.

Household Dangers for the Pet:

You may wholeheartedly accept that your house is completely safe and harmless for your pet and nothing in it could hurt it, even if your pet is a bit mischievous, but in contrast to what you say, the fact is that your house is full of things that could lay havoc on your pets. Some of the items in this list could be:

  • Human Medicines (such as wound healing tubes and solutions) are disastrous for them if consumed.
  • Rodent killers and poisons that you use to kill the mice etc.
  • Cleaning products such as solutions for the toilets and windows etc.
  • Metallic substances that might have zinc, cadmium and mercury in them.
  • Detergent powders which have a sweet smell and attract the animals.
  • Careless plastic wrappers and coverings that could choke them
  • Household plants that may have sweet smelling flowers.

All these things are utter foes to your pets and could harm them seriously if not taken adequate care to keep them safely.

Food Safety for Pets:           

Not every single thing that a human being consumes is favorable for the pet too. Some things that may not look too harmful in the present times could harm them more seriously in the future. Therefore, it is better to keep track of the items that you should prohibit giving to your pets for their better living. Some of the materials in these could be as follows:

  • Beverages and Alcohol could harm your pet drastically, causing a number of skin diseases including hair loss.
  • Raw meat, fish and bones could cause a problem in the digestives system and fish bones could also get stuck in their throat.
  • Sweets and chocolates could again cause skin infections
  • Grapes and Raisins contain substances that damage the kidneys of pets.
  • Milk and dairy products could cause diarrhea and other digestive problems.

Apart from the listed ones, onions, garlic, raw eggs, heavy salty items, sugary foods and dough etc. could also cause harms to your pets.

Pet-Proof Your Home:

You might have often heard from someone that their dog has chewed their costly shoes or the cat has spilled the costly perfumes etc. All these are among the common habits of the pets that are not intentional but could harm your house and its belongings. Under these conditions, it is to be clearly understood that your pet is not a human and could commit any such kind of mistake. It is you who has to be careful of what comes before the eyes of your pet. Some tips in this regards are as follows:

  • Keep all your personal belongings and expensive articles well out of reach of your pet so that both of you do not suffer. What would you do if your pet swallows your diamond ring? Both would be done and dusted.
  • The doors should be equipped with efficient bolts and clutches that prohibit the entry of pets into your personal spaces.
  • Keep all the chemicals and poisonous items well out of reach of your pet so that they do not dare to touch it.
  • The toys which the children play should not come in contact with the pets lest they may acquire diseases from the pets.
  • Be careful of the electricity connections and loose wires that may cause harms to your pet. Also, keep your electronic items and gadgets in a secure place.

By using the above methods of monitoring items that your pet could destroy, you could have an utter pet-proof house.

Safety for Special Type and Exotic Pets:

You may bring a fancy animal to your house such as an exotic breed of dog or fish or some other animal, but might not be able to provide the conditions which are necessary for its existence. Many dogs have heavy hair on their body and due to this, they can’t bear the summers in sultry conditions. It then becomes your moral responsibility to give them the conditions, essential to thrive. Also, many special varieties of pets require special type of food items that suit their body. If you have to take care of them in the stipulated manner, you have to provide them with what they require.

Safety During a Natural Disaster:

The natural disaster is something which is supernatural. These could occur at any unidentified moment and therefore it becomes a necessity to save your loved pets from these. If there are chances of earthquake, always bring your pets out of the house with you. If floods or torrential rainfall are likely to occur, make for them a secure place in your house that prevents them from mishappenings. Also, be careful if fire occurs in an unnatural manner.

Using all these techniques you could safeguard you dear pets and in turn, you and your house. Remember! Once you take the responsibility of a pet, you have to take care of it wholeheartedly so that the bond between you and your pet is not broken. Your pet could just be the reflection of your upbringing.