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Keeping a dog could be out of many reasons. You may be lover of pets, or you care for the animals very much or you consider it a part of your dignity or a hoard of other reasons definable and indefinable. Whatever the case may be, keeping dogs as pets is a matter of sheer responsibility, as you have to take care of them at each and every step for their good health and well being. These pets are dependent on you because once you choose to keep them in your home; they too choose you to be their master. In such a case they are next to your kith and kin as far as their family is concerned.

As a human being is susceptible to innumerable diseases, similar is the case with the dogs. They could fall ill at any stage of their life and it is you who has to take care of it until it becomes well and fine. But if you adopt proper dog grooming techniques and take care of their health, they would be less prone to diseases and disorders, and would lead a happy and hearty life.

Some of the techniques to keep a dog healthy are:

dog halesKeeping Track of the Feeding Habits:

  1. This is one of the prime importances in grooming the health of the dogs.  Whatever a dog eats, so does gets assimilated as nutrients in the body. Therefore proper care should be taken while feeding the dogs and the ingredients of which the dog food is made up. Get too know the difference between meat and meat by-products. These are two entirely different things. If it is hard to understand what diet should be proposed for your dog, it is better to consult a nutrition specialist or a vet, lest your dog end up in disorders like diarrhea, vomiting or skin diseases.
  2. Be very careful when you tend to feed your dog with the food you eat. Some of the ingredients in it are very fatal for its health, causing to lower its overall life. Some of these foods include sweets and chocolates, raisins, grapes, onions, garlic, shallots, avocados, nuts, chewing gums, chives and alcohol. If you prepare the food for your dog yourself, be careful of these items. Also if you want to know the entire list of foods, you could consult a vet.
  3. Also, be careful to keep the weight of the dog in control. Find out what the ideal weight of the breed of your dog is and if he or she weighs 10 to 20% more than it, he or she could be considered overweight or obese. You may not like this, but your dog’s being obese could lower its overall age by 2 years. It may also become susceptible to a hoard of diseases such as cancer, cardiac diseases, diabetes, osteoarthritis and stones in the urinary system. To do away with these, always maintain a proper schedule for its exercise and if you are using the packaged dog food, read the instructions given on it carefully to find out the ideal content in the feed.
  4. The dog treats that are given time and again should be composed of proper ingredients. It is better to give it home made treats rather than the packaged materials from fancy shops, the ingredients of which are unknown to you. You could also offer it treats with lesser calories such as carrots, green beans, cooked potatoes and cookies with less sweet and fat content.
  5. One of the very important parts of its diet is the universal liquid, water. Water keeps the skin healthy and the body hydrated. Therefore, always make sure to give it clean water in a clean bowl. Take care of the algae and bacteria that grow in it and to remove this, clean the water-bowl at regular intervals.

Taking Care of its Body:

  1. Always make sure to keep its outer appearance and body in a healthy and presentable state. Dirt and microorganisms may accumulate in its outer coat and skin, making it ill. Make sure to brush its coat and hair. If the hair grows too long, cut them in a tidy manner at fixed intervals. Always fix a schedule for washing the dog whether it likes the process or not. Bathing with a prescribed soap or shampoo would do away with the germs and impurities and enhance the chances of its being healthy.
  2. Always take care of the nails of the dogs that grow often. Trim them with a prescribed trimmer and wash them if you find it entangled with dirt and germs.
  3. You could brush the teeth of the dog to keep it healthy. The food that it eats may get accumulated in its teeth, making it ill in the longer period. Therefore, brush its teeth regularly with toothpaste of low fluoride content.
  4. The ears of the dog should be kept clean because dust and ear-wax gets accumulated in it. This could be done with the help of cotton balls and a piece of gauze. Clean the outer part of the ear but with care, not to go to the inner ear canal, as the dog could get hurt very badly in the process.

Be Responsible for your Dog:

  1. Assign a separate place for your dog to rest and sleep. Making them sleep with the family could interfere with the sleep of both. You could also use a dog house that is available in the market. If the dog is sleeping in some outside area of the house, make sure that some covered area is present, in which it could take shelter on the consequences of bad weather or anything else.
  2. Make sure it gets its daily exercise in a routine manner, so that its body remains athletic and sporty and also the chances of diseases, obesity and inactiveness are minimized. You could take it to a park with you and play a number of games with it. Even everyday walk for 10 to 15 minutes could do wonders to its health. In this process you could also get to socialize it with other dogs and strangers.
  3. If your dog is showing signsof some disorders in the body or is restless or inactive, immediately take it to a vet. It may not be able to speak for itself but you have to understand it yourself. Maintain schedules for regular health check-ups and consult your vet to find out about the vaccinations thDog Haleat it requires in a timely manner. You could also opt for a blood test to find out the inner conditions of the body.

With the all the above dog grooming tips you could keep your pet in a healthy and lively state. Many diseases are done and dusted if proper health measures are taken. Remember! It’s your pet and your prime responsibility. If it falls ill due to some unforeseen consequences, you are the one to take care for it. A healthy pet is a master’s pride and you would not love to lower your pride by making your pet fall ill.