Why Haircut is Important for a Dog?

Dog Hair Grooming

A dog is a man’s best friend. Along with regular visits to the veterinarian and a balanced diet, dogs also require regular grooming to keep them in the best of health and spirits. There are many grooming centres operational, offering a wide range of services at fairly competitive rates. On the other hand, for budget-conscious pet parents, grooming at home might be a much better alternative.

Grooming and Haircut

While a haircut, whenever given, forms an integral part of the grooming process; it is not necessary that each grooming session should involve a haircut as well. Cutting your dog’s hair at home is easier than it seems. With the plethora of websites offering a wide range of dog trimmers, clippers, brushes, combs, conditioners and shampoos; there is something for each dog. All it takes is a click of the mouse button. When placing your order online for grooming essentials, always ensure that you do proper research to shortlist the most appropriate products for your particular breed.

To Cut to Not to Cut

Generally, there has been a divided opinion as whether your dog ought to be clipped or not. A haircut does indeed help to spot any anomalies well in time, which can then be promptly reported to and treated by the veterinarian. Many pet parents also opine that a haircut – especially cuts such as the Puppy Cut – help to keep their pet cool in the summer season.

On the other hand, there are many veterinarians who advice that the dogs be left as they are. Those who belong to this school of thought believe that the dog is naturally endowed with a coat that can take care of itself. According to them, while a dog’s coat provides insulation in the winter season, the same coat is shed on its own to make way for a much lighter coat for the summers. It is also believed – strange as it might sound – that double-layered coats of dogs such as Pomeranians provide them with insulation even in the summer season.

 Keep in Mind your Dog’s Personality

Dogs react differently to a haircut. While certain breeds such as Collies usually appear depressed once their coats have been clipped, other breeds such as a Pomeranian, for example, seems to enjoy getting all that load off its shoulders, so to speak. Whenever you contemplate a haircut for your dog, do keep in mind his personality before you do “make the cut”.

 Take into Account the Time Spent Outdoors

For a dog that is mostly indoors in air-conditioned rooms, a haircut does not matter much. If your dog prefers to sport a shorter coat of hair, you can go ahead and indulge him. If, on the other hand, your coat prefers his long locks, you can let him have his way in this too. It does not actually matter much if the dog is primarily within doors.

However, for a dog that spends most of his time outdoors, it is advisable to leave the coat at the normal length. Instead of clipping his hair, you can easily cool him down with the help of fresh clean water, a fan and regular bathing.

Despite the admonitions o veterinarians and the urgings of professional groomers, to clip or not to clip is actually the prerogative of the pet parent concerned.