Why Dental Care Is Important For Your Dog?

Dental Care OF DOG

The basic concept of ingesting the eatables in the body is very simple. You hands take the food to your mouth, your teeth chew them and it is directed towards the digestive system of the humans. Humans have many kinds of cleaning methods as well.

When it comes to the eating habits of your pets, your dogs love the food they eat. But they do not possess the cleaning practice, similar to the human beings. While eating, a hoard of impurities could accumulate in their teeth which affect them drastically.

A fact says that over 91% of dogs could be affected by various kinds of dental diseases after they cross 3 years of age. If not given proper attention, they could affect the organs such as heart, kidney and liver of the pets.

Therefore, a proper dental care is required by your barking mates too, to lead a healthy life.

Symptoms of Dental Diseases in Dogs:  

Various symptoms of teeth problems in dogs are as follows:

  • Visible plaque buildup
  • Unpleasant breath and smell from its mouth
  • Yellow or brown colored tartar
  • Visible blood in mouth and gums
  • Swollen and inflamed, red colored gums

Why Dental Care Holds Significance:

Dental care is important for your pets because of the following reasons:

  • As the plaque builds up, your dog’s teeth tend to wear out and fall. Due to this, they could experience vast difficulties in chewing food at later stages of their life. They could also experience extreme pains, every time they eat rough foods.
  • Due to lack of care, the teeth of pets tend to fall at an early stage. The germs tend to develop cavities in them, while the roots of teeth get engulfed. This could have an enormous change in the health and eating habits of your pet.
  • As already mentioned, teeth problems do not contain themselves in the mouth of pets itself. They rise to affect the cardiac system, liver and kidneys of the pet. A failure of these vital organs could pose many problems in its body.
  • Similar to the human beings, the dogs too have baby teeth. A full grown dog has 42 teeth. Before the growth of real teeth, the false ones fall out. If these teeth do not fall at the stipulated time, it could cause inflammation and irritation in the teeth of dogs.
  • Kibbles and wet foods that dogs eat could influence the teeth of dogs. They get stuck in between the teeth and cause decay in them. In contrast, dry foods help in cleaning the teeth of the dogs.
  • Regular dental care could prevent the dog from having bad breath and unpleasant odor in its mouth.
  • Dog’s dental care and problem could be overlooked by the pet and the master as well. This is because the dogs do not appear painful unless the trouble is too high.

Therefore, it is very necessary to keep a close look on the teeth of your dog, lest they may affect its entire functioning.