Types of Dog Leashes (How to Choose A Perfect One?)

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With your dear pooch being an inseparable part of your life, it is very essential to take into account its grooming measures. You might use innumerable ways to keep it well of appearance from outside, but the fact is that grooming of behavior and mannerism of pets is as imperative as the external appearance.With your dear pooch being an inseparable part of your life, it is very essential to take into account its grooming measures. You might use innumerable ways to keep it well of appearance from outside, but the fact is that grooming of behavior and mannerism of pets is as imperative as the external appearance.

For this, pet parents inculcate a variety of pet grooming tips and are quite successful too in the process. And just as you buy a number of products for its effective grooming, the role of dog leashes is perhaps the most imperative one.

You would accept the fact well that technology has overpowered almost every single element and even the products for your pets are not spared. Gone are the days when dogs were tied to a single string for whole of their life and these were the only leashes that human beings knew.

With the immense application of human intelligence with the technology, there are various new kinds of dog leashes available for your everyday and special uses. All that you require is choose a perfect one for your pet for its effective usage.Here we would like to throw some light on these dog leashes, telling you about the various available ones.

This would include the following points of consideration:

  • Dog Leashes and their uses
  • The various kinds of dog leashes available
  • Material which they are made up of
  • Buying leashes according to your usage

Dog Leashes And What Are They Used For:

As a proud pet parent, you got to know that dog leashes are a mandatory product that needs to be with you when you have a dog. These are the noose-like commodities that keep your pet in control, when they enjoy a stroll with you, when you visit a public place or even when they are at home.

According to bylaws of some countries, it is essential to hold the dog with a leash while you go out in a public place. This is due to the consideration that a loose dog could always turn to be troublesome for other people, animals and public property too. The pet itself could meet an accident on account of chasing a vehicle on road and hence it is required to keep it in control.

Dog leashes are probably the only products that could serve the purpose for you.These are specially formulated, long strings that keep your pet in your hands and may also serve the following purposes for you:

  • Could help you while you train your dogs
  • Prevents the pet from chasing other animals, vehicles, children and other people while in a public place
  • Could prevent your pet from soiling public places with their urine or feces
  • Prevent injury of pets as pets are not allowed to roam free
  • Could suppress the extra anxiety of your pets

Various Kinds Of Leashes Available For Your Pets:

There are various kinds of pet leashes available for the usage of pet parents. Some of the most common ones are as follows:

Standard Leashes:

These are the simplest and the most commonly used ones. These leashes are made up of nylon or leather and could range from 4 to 8 feet in length. These kinds of leashes are extremely useful for the middle-sized and smaller dogs and could be durable with their quality. You could perform nearly all the activities such as strolls and exercise etc. while holding your dogs in them.

Chain Leashes:

Just as the name indicates, these leashes are made up of metallic interlinked chains and are extremely sturdy with their design and quality. These are mostly used when your pet has a destructive habit of chewing its leash and you have already lost a couple of them. Chain leashes could come in various sizes and lengths, being applicable for all the breeds and sizes of dogs. You could choose the lighter ones for small dogs and heavier for the bigger ones to control them well.

Martingale Leashes:

Martingale Leashes are a combination of a Martingale collar and a standard leashes. These are particularly designed for the dogs that have a habit of pulling themselves from the leashes. These fit into the neck of your dogs in a manner that when your dog tries to pull itself, these exert a bit of pressure on their neck, being just enough not to choke your dog’s neck. This could even help to discourage your pet’s pulling habit.

Retractable Leashes:

Just as you use a measuring tape with its automatic pulling in mechanism, similar is the use of Retractable Leashes. These are the kinds of leashes that could vary in length from 6 feet to 30 feet, with a handle attached to one of the ends. The retractable leashes could be fixed to a single length to prevent the dog from pulling the leash, but the use of these leashes is discouraged as these could encourage your dog with its pulling habits.

Adjustable Dog Leashes:

Adjustable dog leashes could help to increase or decrease the length of your leashes as these are made up of connected components which are joined by clips. These could vary in length from 3 to 6 feet and could be durable enough for the middle-sized dogs. And as these are adjustable, you could vary their length for distinct purposes such as training and strolling etc.

Multiple Leashes:

Multiple leashes are a combination of dog leashes, with two, three or more loops connected to a single handle to hold. These leashes are used for the purpose of holding a multitude of dogs, eliminating too many leases in your hands when you wish to take all of them out at a single moment.

Seat Belt Type Leash:

Seat Belt Type Leash serves the dual purpose of training your dog and also using it while you take your dog to a drive. You could adjust them to be a seat belt for your pet to prevent it from distracting you while you drive. This also helps to prevent accidents of your pet when it attempts to peep out of your car’s window in distraction.

Material Of Your Dog’s Leashes:

Your dog’s leashes could be made up of the following materials:

Nylon Leashes:

These are the cheapest kinds of leashes that are available for your pet and tend to be durable enough by strength. These could also be available in various kinds of colors and do not shrink or reduce when you clean them with cleaners. However, you could never be sure of their quality and a destructive dog could chew them to break. Also, they could cause rashes on your dog’s skin if your dog attempts to pull it off.

Leather Leashes:

Leather Leashes are more durable than the Nylon Leashes and could be more stylish and classy than the leather leashes. Leather leashes could be stronger and would not easily break if your pet attempts to chew them. These could also adjust with your hand and are more comfortable to grip. However, these could be costlier than the normal nylon leashes that you buy.

Metallic Chain Leashes:

These are the sturdiest kinds of dog leashes available, where most of the part is made of hard metal and a nylon or cloth gripping handle to facilitate comfort while you hold them. These are mostly suited for large breed of dogs and could be heavy by their weight. Similarly, their cost could also increase with the heft of their metallic structure. For small dogs, you would be required to purchase very light metallic chain leashes to prevent extra burden.

Reflective Leashes:

Reflective Leashes are similar to the standard ones, made up of either nylon or leather, but have reflective surface in nature so that they could be easily visible from a fair distance. These reflective leashes are helpful when you stroll with your pet on countryside road where there is a risk of cyclists or vehicles driving close by.

Buying Dog Leashes According To Your Usage:

With the leashes being highly variable according to their make or material, you need to choose the perfect ones according to your usage.Some of the most common categories of uses of dog leashes are:

For Indoor Uses:

If your dog stays mostly inside the house and you need to use a leash to control it, a thin, light and durable dog leash could serve the best of purposes for you. It is due to the fact that the leash would be easy to hold and it would not pose any undue pressure on the neck of your dog.

For outdoor Uses and Trainings:

Nylon leashes are still the best for the outdoor uses as well. You could buy the ones with length ranging from 6 feet to 10 feet. Also, these would be easier to handle with a glove on, when you find them slippery in your hands.

For The Everyday Uses:

About 6 feet long nylon or leather leashes could suit the best for your everyday use. This tends to be the standard length, allowing the dog an adequate freedom and at the same time, the fair restriction. If your dog is a bit destructive or bigger in size, you could also use a metallic chain leash.

These are some of the classification of leashes according to their types, material and usage purpose.Based on these, you could choose the perfect one for your pet and train it according to the way you wish for it.