Types of Dog Haircuts

Types of Dog Haircuts

Regular grooming sessions for your dog ensures optimal health as well as emotional well-being. There are many professional grooming centres offering a wide range of services at competitive rates. In addition to grooming centres just round the corner or across the street, there are many mobile grooming centres operational as well. While professional grooming does have an edge over grooming done at home, it is entirely the pet parent’s prerogative to get the grooming done professionally or at home.

Achieving The Right Cut

When it comes to the right haircut for your dog, you have to keep certain things in mind:

  1. Whether the haircut is for practical reasons or aesthetic ones. That is, do consider carefully if you are going in for a haircut for your dog to reduce maintenance hassles, or to give him a new look altogether.
  2. Never cut too short. When clipping your dog at home, always remember to not cut too short. Clipping hair very close to the body exposes the skin to the elements making it prone to skin infections. Usually, veterinarians suggest leaving behind at least half an inch’s length of hair behind when you clip. Similarly, if opting for professional grooming, leave specific instructions with the groomer.
  3. Select the right clipper blade. When clipping your dog’s hair at home, be careful about the blade number that you select. Always remember that the lower the number of the blade, the longer will the hair be. While a Number 5 blade will leave behind one-fourth of the existing hair length, a Number 30 will leave behind one-hundredth instead. For most breeds, a Number 10 blade works perfectly.

Now, select the haircut which is most suited to your specific requirements.

Types Of Haircuts

Among the most popular haircuts for dogs are:

  1. The Lion Cut. In the Lion Cut, the hair of the dog is cut in such a manner so as to resemble a lion’s mane. While the hair on the rest of the body is cut short, hair on the neck and head is left much longer in comparison.
  2. The Puppy Cut. A top favorite with pet parents in the summer months, the Puppy Cut involves clipping the hair to a uniform length all over the body. Usually, 1-2 inches of fur is left behind. As the hair is cut quite short, the Puppy Cut also does not require much grooming.
  3. The Teddy Bear Cut. This cut is achieved by trimming the hair on the head alone. Hair on the rest of the body can be clipped to any length, as per the pet parent’s preference. This cut is so-named for the Teddy Bear look that the dog ends up with.
  4. The Practical Top-Knot. Commonly seen in long-haired dogs such as Lhasa Apso, Maltese, Shih Tzu. In the Top-Knot, some of the hair on the head is gathered and secured with a band or clip, making some sort of a ponytail. Hair on the rest of the body can be clipped to any length.

With many kinds of haircuts available to choose from, there is no dearth of options for the pet parent. While there are a limited number of haircuts that can be done at home, the range widens greatly when professional groomers come into the picture.