Types Of Dog Grooming Scissors To Snip Dog Hair Coat

best dog grooming scissors

The beauty of your barking mate lies majorly in the gorgeous outer coat and its hair which are situated all over its body.

While you possess a beautiful dog, a sweet responsibility of grooming it too, accompanies close behind. It is perhaps the most important step that could help you to preserve the essence of its beauty and also fulfill its health requirements.

One of the most important steps in grooming the body of your dogs is looking after its outer coat which is highly susceptible to the attack of dust, dirt, germs and insects etc. This responsibility of yours, multiplies manifolds if you possess breeds of dogs that have long hair on their body.

As a solution to this, many of the pet owners offer a regular haircut to their dogs. While many people take the help of professional groomers for this, you could yourself cut the hair of your dog with the variety of instruments available specifically for the purpose.

In this, dog scissors are one of the materials that are highly cost-effective and in turn could give you the desired result for the betterment of your pets. Some of the varieties of scissors available for grooming needs of your dogs are:

Straight-Edged Scissors: These are the scissors that possess a very sharp edge and are manufactured in varying lengths and types. These are specially suited for the people that like to groom their pets at home, rather than taking them to the saloons for the purpose.

The blade size of the straight-edged scissors depends on the body-size of your pets and these offer to cut in a straight edge which shows a distinct line from where the cut has been made. These could be useful in trimming the hair of the fur, around the paws and near the tail.

Thinning Scissors: These scissors are demanded by the pet owners which desire to get a more natural cut in the body of their pets. They could be used to thin the outer, excessively thick coat of the dogs which seems to cause troubles.

To use these, you need to place the blade in the thick portions of its coat and then offer a couple of snips. Be careful of not hurting the skin of your dog in the process. After this, you could brush or comb the coat to remove the cut strands of hair.

With the help of this scissors, while you pet would get relief from the thick coat, it would pose no effects to the beauty of it.

Specialized Dog Scissors: There are some special varieties of dog scissors that are meant to cut hair of some specific parts such as eyes and ears which require utmost caution.

These are mostly used by professional groomers who have lots of experience in proper grooming of the dogs.

It is advised by the vets that you offer to cut hair of your dog only if you have a prior experience of the job. It is not a good idea to try inexperienced hands on the body of your pet and end up hurting it rather badly.