Treats for your Dog- Good to See & Great to Taste


A gourmet treat for your dog, while looks appealing to the eye, appears to require a master-chef level of expertise. Though a daunting task it might seem on the face of it, dishing out such treats from your own pantry is quite easy actually. Scroll down to find some really easy treats for your dog that are good to see and great to taste. Almost all of the ingredients mentioned are found in our pantries at home. Dog treats that you can easily make at home are:

  1. Dog Donuts 

With a distinctive flavor of meat and the look of a donut, these Dog Donuts are quite popular across the various dog breeds. Topped with a healthy dose of yoghurt as well as sprinkles, these will appeal to your dog a lot.

  1. Dog Treats with a Paw Print

As the name suggests, these treats have a cute little paw print. Before you get any ideas into your head as to how to get your dog to grace you with his paw print, the prints are made by hand alone, as illustrated in the image above. Glazed with chicken stock, theses Paw Print Treats are indeed too good to eat!!

  1. Pumpkin Biscotti

While you might let your dog eat your biscotti sometimes, it is actually not advisable. Treat him instead to these healthy pumpkin biscotti treats, made just for your four-legged companion. Along with the fact that pumpkin is quite healthy for dogs, it is also a common seasonal vegetable in the fall. Packed with a crunch, these thickly-sliced biscotti will indeed be your dog’s favorite in no time!

  1. Sweet Potato Pretzels 

Full of nutrients, these Sweet Potato Pretzels are an awesome looking as well as healthy treat for your dog.  In addition to sweet potato, flax seed also forms an integral ingredient in these pretzels.

  1. Apple Crunch Pup-cakes

Try baking some cupcakes for your dog on his birthday. Made with honey and fresh apples, these Apple Crunch Pupcakes are easy to make and your dog will surely love to get his own cupcakes.

  1. Peanut Butter Sandwiched Treat

Two peanut butter cookies with some more peanut butter sandwiched in between, these chewy peanut butter cookies are simply perfect for your dog.

  1. Homemade Cinnamon Rolls 

Easy to make and great to taste, these rolls also have coconut oil as an essential ingredient. Coconut oil for your dog will aid in improving digestion, reducing weight, regulating and balancing insulin, increasing energy, and help in ligament problems or arthritis. A cute looking treat, without the excess sugar and fat; this treat is quite popular among dogs. Do keep in mind that these treats do not contain any sugar, so make sure you use the ingredients in moderation.

  1. Apple Bacon Dog Treats

Very appetizing to look at, these Apple Bacon Treats are quite easy to make as well. Just add a dash of cream cheese and top of with sprinkles to make your dog extra happy to savor these gourmet treats.

  1. Peanut Butter Balls

Perhaps the easiest of them all, you can also enlist the help of your kids to make these Peanut Butter Balls for your pet. A no bake recipe that can be customized as per your own preferences and requirements. Along with the option of rolling in almost any veggies or fruits as per your choice, you can also roll these balls in coconut as well. These Peanut Butter Balls are so tasty and healthy that you can even eat them yourself!!

  1. Barbeque Cookout Treats for your Dog – Two Little Bostons

Appetizingly shaped for your dog, covered with barbeque sauce, these BBQ Cookout Treats are simply perfect for your dog. Enjoy a nice cookout with your dog by baking something especially for him. These treats are also good for parties with a summer theme.

  1. Ice Cream Treat

Made with simple ingredients, an ice cream is a perfect, yet simple, way to cool down your dog. Whip up some delicious ice cream to make your dog feel extra special.

All the above-mentioned dog treats are quite simple to make. Easy to make, but sure to impress your dog! Do try out these treats when you feel that your dog needs some tender loving care or just some cheering up.