The Notion To Choose The Pet Which Suits You

The notion to choose the pet which suits you-min

When you make up your mind to have a pet in your house, various kinds of questions arise such as what kind of pet will suit you, which pet will be the most compatible one in your house, which will require minimum or maximum care according to your time, which one will listen to your commands very easily and the most important one, will you be able to develop a long-term relationship with it, as far as your upbringing and nurturing is concerned.

All these questions are highly natural which require utmost minds and vision, for you do not want your concept of adding a new member to your family of members, fail due to your lack of farsightedness.

The most favorite pets of all times and people across all the countries are dogs and cats. These two animals, which exist in a variety of breeds, have developed a unique understanding between them and their master, up to an extent that people think of these two first before going to any other pet. Among these too, there is a high competition and out of this, dogs win it with a clear margin.

Here we have discussed some of the point of differences between rearing dogs and cats as far as their habits are concerned:

  • House Training: Dogs are easy to train and easy to command. When they are in mood, they lend ears to whatever their master says and follow it to the utmost level. Teaching and commanding a cat is not as easy as drinking a glass of water, for cats could be quite moody and temperamental. They do not easily listen to what is directed and could run away on slight provocation.
  • Living Conditions: Dogs are more socially-lived kind of animals and they could well live in the company of other dogs and pets in the house, to which they get accustomed and develop a sense of liking. Contrary to this, cats like to live in their own confined world and do not like being social. If other pets are present in the house, chances are there that cats would have a good fight with them.
  • Moving Conditions: Dogs are mostly attached to the ground. They are rarely seen climbing on the fences or trying to break into somebody else’s house. They have their unique habits of digging the ground, burying the bones and trying to run in circles to catch their tail. In this case, cats are great travelers and without permission, could go to any place they like. Also, they like to climb trees, catch birds, sit of the hedges and fences and go to any neighboring house.
  • Food Habits: A dog could live totally on the vegetarian food, as far as the idea to survival is concerned. It could eat the foods that human beings consume, without asking for any sort of meat based products. As far as a cat is concerned, apart from consuming what humans and vegetarians consume, it would definitely like to have some or the other carnivorous product in the food that it eats. May it be catching a bird and devouring it or mice that occur in and around the house.
  • Homing Instinct: You could keep the dog fasten with a leash for a considerable amount of time or rather every time if your live in a community that does not allow your dog to lose free. This is just the opposite where a cat is concerned as cats do not like to be leashed and they dislike the idea to stay in bondage at a single place. They are known to be travelers and would try to break the chain if you forcefully leash them.
  • Life Span: The lifespan of a dog ranges between 10 to 15 years and in this matter both are comparable as cats too have a lifespan of 12 to 15 years when living indoor.

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Under all these heads, you could choose that type of animal that shows properties according to your living conditions. There are various kinds of people living in various kinds of communities, environments, spaces and conditions. Due to this their choices may vary and they could have a mindset differentiating according to their conditions. Some of the conditions that you could keep in mind regarding your house and pets are as follows:

  • Pets and community: What is the type of community that you reside in? Does it support free strolling of pet or wants your pet to be kept chained.
  • Pets and Children: Your members of the family could also be the deciding factor. Some families have small kids that play with various toys. These are to be kept away from the pets as pets could lick and chew the toys, the infection of which could be fatal for the kids.
  • Time with the pets: Is there an adequate amount of time with you while you decide to take care of the pet? Some people do not have the time to see what their pet is up to. They forget what the feeding hours are for the pet and when the due sanitation is scheduled. Under these conditions a pet may feel neglected and it could affect the relationship between you and your pet.
  • Pet Proofing: Are you careless with the materials that you use in the house, such as various kinds of chemicals, medicines, washing powders, detergents and other liquids? If your pet gets to reach these items, it could be in a deep trouble.

All these factors are a prominent in deciding to keep the pets. Apart from this your attitude and upbringing also creates a big difference in the heart and activity of the pet, whether you choose a dog or a cat. Whatever you decide, be utter careful to render it all the love and try to develop an understanding between you. The more the pet understands you, more will it trust and love you.

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