Should You Shave Your Pet’s Hair?

Should You Shave Your Pet's Hair-min

The scorching summer heats are one of the most terrible things for the humans as well as the pets they possess. Pets such as dogs and cats may find it difficult to thrive in hot weather, especially if their body is covered with long hair.

For such reasons, you would always have had a desire to clip out the outer fur of your pets so that they could get relief in the sultry weather conditions. Plus you would often have seen pets with some enchanting haircuts which further add to your craving of giving your pet a haircut.

In spite of all your desires to clip hair out of the body of your pet, if you ask an experienced vet, they would probably offer you a negative approval for the same. Why? Because the body-hair of the pet are an integral part and serve some major functions for them. Without these imperative functions, why would they be present on their body?

According to the ‘American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ the body-hair of the pets should not be shaved and they have various reasons for the same:

  • Firstly the hair on their body act as an efficient insulator. Just as you would insulate your house to prevent it from outer environmental forces such as heat and cold, similarly these body hair are meant to save the pet from the same natural forces. In winters they help in preserving the heat of the body while in summers, they keep the body cool by preventing creep of outer heat inside.
  • Secondly, when the pets’ body is exposed to the sun, they have all the chances of getting sunburns and skin cancers. These troubles are more prominent in dogs that have thin hair, no hair or white colored hair.
  • Thirdly, there are other alternatives to shaving such as light trimming too long hair and regular brushing pet’s coat. These techniques could help your pet stay cool in summers, even when it resides out of the house in the season.

Viewing these conditions, most of the vets suggest not to shave the body of your pets unless it is due to some medical reason.

Shaving Needs of Specific Animals:

For Cats:

Practically, there are no evident reasons which could suggest that your cat needs a body-shave, even when it has too long hair or it resides out of the house in hot and humid conditions. Firstly the cats are known to be self groomers and know exceptionally well, when to tidy their hair.

Secondly, the body hair of your cats are responsible for maintaining the inner temperature of their body due to which, whether the outer temperature goes high or falls low, they would probably have no effect on their body.

Thirdly, the cats are perhaps more mobile and active than other pets such as dogs. They are also not kept leashed. Therefore, even when they stay out of the house, they could find a cozy and cool corner for themselves, where the heat of the environment would have no effect on them.

Fourthly, the body hair are meant to enhance the beauty of the cats, which are more soothing when they are natural. Any sort of artificial haircut or shave on their body could retard their natural beauty which you would surely not love.

For Dogs:

Possibly, dogs could have better needs of shaving their body if their outer coat is too thick and they reside somewhere out of the house in humid conditions. Due to long hair, they could find themselves troubled and would need to shave them off.

Most of the dogs do not need a hair-shave and could do well with their natural appearance. The exception to these could be dogs that develop certain dermatological disorders such as boils or hotspots which make it necessary to shave the hair off. These body hair tend to be huge irritants and could facilitate the skin troubles to greater effects.

Also, body hair for the dogs could be shaven when these interfere with their hygiene. Dogs could have hair near their genitals and other private parts, where urine droplets and other waste materials could get deposited and thus cause infections.

Unless there is an extreme medical emergency, the hair of your dog should not be shaven, especially if you have a double-coated dog breed. These coat layers may trap a layer of air which acts as an insulator and refrains effects of outer environment on their body.

 When it is Necessary to Shave Hair of Your Pet:

While you follow proper pet grooming tips and find it essential to shave the body hair of your pets, you should keep in mind the following conditions for the same:

  • Do not do it Yourself: The best help that you could offer your pet is getting its hair done with a grooming expert. You would probably need to spend some bucks but would get the result as your pet’s body intents. Many pets have had some painful experiences when their masters tried shaving their body themselves.
  • Let the Blades of Clippers Cool: If you are using mechanical instruments such as electronic clippers, these equipments have blades that get heated up very soon. When this heated appliance makes a contact with their body, they could get terribly hurt. Therefore, take breaks in between and test for the heat of the blades to prevent any damage to your pet’s body.
  • An Inch of Hair to be Left Always: Whenever shaving their body, do not go too deep into their skin and leave at least an inch of body-hair on them. This is due to the fact that these body-hair are essentially liable to maintain their inner temperature even when the outside temperature is not favorable. Shaving their body completely would get their skin exposed to sun and other toxins which would further tamper with their normal body functioning.

Therefore, the idea to shave the body of your pet should be followed after many thoughts and consultations from your vet. All the styles suit well when the health of your dog is in a vigorous and robust state. You would never want to style your pet on the cost of its health or would you?