‘Pet Kisses’ That Could Turn Out To Be Dangerous

Pets Kisses Is Dangerous-min

Affection of a pet towards a pet-keeper and vice-versa is something very commonly seen. Most of the pets, especially the dogs are fond of their masters and would love to be in a vicinity close to them. These adored dogs when find any chance, would always try to hug their owners and shower them with kisses.

Most of the pet owners would not mind this and would love to be licked by the dogs.In contrast to the kisses by the pets, vets suggest to keep a bit of distance between you and your pet dogs and not let it lick or bite you.

Effects Of Dog Licks, Scratches And Bites:

While a normal dog licks or scratches the body of a person, it could transfer a hoard of microbes, bacteria and parasites. These transmitted microbes could lead to various disorders in the body of humans:

  • Bacteria: Pastuerella, a breed of bacteria is the normal resident of dog’s mouth, even when they are vaccinated. These species are capable of causing infections in body parts such as skin, lymph node and other parts. While these diseases are majorly transferred due to bites and scratches of the dog, they could also get transferred with dog licks.
  • Parasites: Various parasites such as Giardia and Cryptosporidia etc. could be transferred to the human body with the saliva of the dog. The intestine of your pets may be a home to various perilous parasites which could come out with their feces. The saliva of the dogs could also be infected due to these germs and could be transferred to the humans.

These bacteria and parasites could have various harmful consequences on the body of human beings, some which are totally attributed to the licks of the animals.

Benefits of Pet Kisses:

In France, there is a popular saying which translates to ‘A dog’s tongue is a doctor’s tongue.’ Some of the benefits identified by the researchers in Dog’s saliva are:

  • Dog’s saliva consists of a chemical known as histatins. Histatins are said to facilitate the wound healing process by facilitating the spread and migration of new cells in the body.
  • Dog’s saliva when gets in contact with the skin, produces a certain amount of nitric acid. This nitric acid helps in protecting the wounds from infection and prohibiting growth of bacteria.
  • This saliva also has a protein which reduces the time period which is taken to heal a wound

Precautions To Be Taken To Prohibit Dangerous Effects Of Saliva:

As the saliva from a dog’s mouth could always lead to unpredictable consequences, you need to follow proper dog grooming tips and take the following precautionary measures:

  • Offer regular deworming treatments to your dog
  • Get your dog’s stool tested annually so that the risk of bacteria and parasites could be inhibited
  • Offer flea and tick control treatments to your dog, especially if your dog is too prone to the attack of these insects.
  • Dispose the pet feces daily and with effective care so that it does not get in contact with the humans
  • Feed only the prescribed kinds of diet to your pet, be it cooked canned or dry food. Several food items too, increase the risk of bacterial growth in the body of dogs
  • Use all the human eatables such as fruits and vegetables following a careful wash so that the bacteria and parasites, if get in contact with these, could be effectively removed.
  • If your hands get exposed to a dog’s poop or urine, wash it very carefully with antibacterial solutions so that these nasty creatures do not make a journey from your hand to your inner systems.

Affection with pets is good, but when it accompanies certain limits. Your dog could always be in a constant risk of microbes. Therefore, always follow proper vaccinations and render it and yourself out of the influencing troubles.