Helpful Tips & Ideas on Pet's Grooming

Cats Classification – Know More About Felis Catus, Physical & Behavioral Features

Cat Classification

Domestic cat, or felis catus, is the smaller member of the family known as Felidae. While the domestic cat is felis catus, the feral cat is referred to as felis silvestris catus. Domestic or feral, cats are usually small and furry carnivores. Currently, there are over 70 kinds of cats worldwide. No consensus has been […]

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Dental Wipes For The Dogs And Their Usage

Dog Dental Wipes

Are you worried about your pet dog for its habit of disagreeing to brush its teeth? If yes, it’s time to reconsider your classic methods and choose new ones, the ones that would be supported by your pets too. As it is already known that cleaning teeth of your pets is an integral part of […]

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Dealing With Pets That Are Mentally Retarded

Mentally Retarded dog

As a well considered fact, mental troubles in the body of a living being are more distressing than the physical troubles. The human brain is the controlling center of all the other organs and the misbehavior of this organ-on-the-driver’s-seat could be highly critical for the concerned living being. The trouble multiplies further when the mental […]

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Dealing Efficiently With Separation Anxiety Of Your Pets

Change In behavior of Your Pet

So what if they cannot utter words that are familiar to the human beings; our pets too have secure emotions of their own which reflect from their very behavior while in your house. Your dogs and cats could make you understand their feelings very effectively with their actions and characteristic sounds, which conclude that even […]

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Could Your Crate -Train Your Cat Too?

Crate Training Your Cat

A more than the most unorthodox questions (as headlined) asked by the cat keepers to their vet, to which, vets reply in a positive mode. Though, cats tend to be the pets that are more likely to roam free, you could train them for a suitable crate home under certain circumstances. Cats and Crates: As […]

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Could Dogs Too Take Diet Pills?

Dog Diet Pills

An increase in the body-weight has been a common problem all across the globe and it has led to serious consequences. Dreading these, people have commenced with the use of several organic and inorganic methods which claim to shred the undesirable fat off the human body. You would yourself have heard of innumerable kinds of […]

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Coping Epistaxis (Nose Bleeding) Conditions In Dogs

Diagnosis Of The Nose Bleeds

Regardless of how vigorous your pet tends to be, there are certain unorthodox troubles that could pop out of nowhere. Your furry canines may be influenced with one such condition known as Epistaxis in its nose, which is a disorder relating nasal bleeding consequences. Let us discuss this growing trouble in dogs’ body in a […]

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Choosing A Perfect Feeding Bowl For Your Dog

Dog Feeding Bowl

A feeding bowl is not just a vessel that offers your dog a feed. Rather, your dog could have a lot of sentiments attached with the tumbler that it views and licks every day with its food. This is why and due to many reasons, you need to get a perfect dog bowl for your […]

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Cool Dog Mobile Apps to Look Out For

Dog Mobile Apps

In this all new world of electronics, cell phones have become an utmost necessity for a human being and why not; it has the capability to do any possible thing. You could order for food and drinks, buy articles for home, travel the world, learn all new arts and exchange communications amongst people and that […]

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Common Faults Experienced While You Brush Your Cats

cat brush teeth

Grooming of a cat would probably be incomplete without regular brushing of its coat. While you offer your cat a scheduled bath and follow other hygienic steps for it, brushing its coat with an appropriate sized brush is an integral step amongst these. When you brush the outer coat of your cat, you are not […]

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Commercial Foods- Do They Help Your Pets?

dog food

With commercial, you could think of the foods that are manufactured in industries. These also include the canned food items that you bring merrily for your pets. The bitter truth behind all this is a fact. A study reveals that about 40% of the dogs are obese while 46% of dogs and 39% of cats […]

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Coconut Oil As A Body Groomer Of Pets

Dog grooming

Among elements that you use as a supplement in the daily diet of your pet, coconut oil is one of the most beneficial one. It could undoubtedly be called as a natural remedy for the dogs that helps in their digestion and is one of the major disinfectants that helps in various skin conditions. Some […]

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Clicker Training Your Pets And Its Marvelous Benefits

Clicker Training of Pets

As per a report of behavioral science, behaviors that are rewarded will continue their existence, whether in humans or animals. Taking this concept to another level, researchers have developed a positive training method to groom your dear pet in a healthy manner. This positive training method is known as clicker training method and is nowadays […]

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Cleaning Stuffy Nose Of A Cat

cat grooming tips

Various environmental factors such as dust, dirt, pollens, sunlight, cold weather and even microbes are capable of causing many body troubles to your cats. While some of the cats could resist the attack of these, owing to their dignified body immunity, many of them are always on the verge of being influenced. Due to these […]

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Cleaning Eyes Of Your Dog With Utter Carefulness

Dog eye cleaning

The eyes are considered as the most delicate organs of the body, whether humans or animals. They are primarily responsible sensory organs and therefore, their supreme care is also very significant. While human beings are sensible enough to clean their eyes, the pet dogs in your house are probably not. Eye cleaning of your pet […]

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Choosing A Hair Clipper For Grooming Hair Of The Dogs

Dog Hair Clipper

Gone are the days when you needed to book an appointment with the pet groomer, take your pet to the place (or call the person at home) and pay heavy bills for the body-beautification of your pets. With the immense application of technology, grooming hair of the dogs is no longer a tough chore. Nowadays, […]

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Checking In To A Pet-Friendly Hotel?

Pet-Friendly Hotel 1

Pets are just the members of your family and slightly better than the kids you have at home. Of course your pets would never complaint when they experience any kind of ignorance from your side (though you do not do any), but they surely have their feelings similar to the human kids. Nowadays, the pets […]

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Cat’s Whiskers: Do They Require Trimming?

Cat Whiskers Trimming

If you have a pet cat at your home, you would probably have been offering it the best of grooming. Cats are beautiful creatures that if groomed well, could add considerably to the beauty of its owner’s house. While following its hygiene tips, you would be required to clean each and every outer organ viz. […]

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Obtain A Robust Kitty In No Time

cat health care-min

How often does your purring mate show signs that something is wrong with it? Is it speaking something in its language and you are not able to get the head or tail of it? When these sorts of signs appear to happen, it becomes your prime responsibility to pay heed to such things yourself, or […]

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Do You Feed Your Cat Regularly?

Feed Your Cat

The purring animals that you keep in your house as pets are well aware of their food habits and it is believed that they are great lovers of milk. Contrary to the belief, cats love the non-vegetarian foods very much. You would have seen that cats love to chase and eat smaller animals like mice, […]

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Does Your Kitty Show Discipline?

cats decipline-min

As the popular belief goes, ‘you cannot make a cat learn to behave in the society’. Most of us go hands down with the saying. But in today’s era, when nothing is impossible, you could teach your kitty the mannerism to stay in your house and the discipline to behave in the society. While this […]

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