Helpful Tips & Ideas on Pet's Grooming

How To Take Care Of An Emaciated Dog?

Emaciated Dog-min

Proper food in a timely manner is a prime requirement of any living being and lack of these may always affect the body negatively. Even animals that are free, know the time and place which is appropriate for them to fill their belly. Coming on to the sad reality, many animal farms and rescue huts […]

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How To Tackle The Under-Skin Bleeding In Dogs?

dog wipes-min

The mere sight of blood on the body of a person or animal is an indication of some mild or deep injury that has distressed the blood vessels. Many a times, the conditions are entirely different than what they appear and could result in some symptoms that are rarely seen normally in living beings. Your […]

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How To Stop A Bleeding Dog’s Nail?

How To Stop A Bleeding Dog’s Nail-min

That irritating sound of ‘click-click’ which is produced by your dog’s nails when these grow big enough to touch the ground could get you to your nerves. A routine cutting of dog’s nails is an important step in dog grooming and is majorly responsible to enhance its beauty. When you discover too big nails of […]

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Types of Dog Haircuts

Types of Dog Haircuts

Regular grooming sessions for your dog ensures optimal health as well as emotional well-being. There are many professional grooming centres offering a wide range of services at competitive rates. In addition to grooming centres just round the corner or across the street, there are many mobile grooming centres operational as well. While professional grooming does […]

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How To Secure Your Juvenile Dog From Diabetes Mellitus?

juvellian dogs-min

Pancreas is an important body organ that has two major functions in the body: Firstly it produces as digestive enzyme known as pancreatic juice which helps in proper digestion of ingested food and, Secondly, it is responsible for secretion of an enzyme that controls and regulates the sugar level in the body. Similar to the […]

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Cool Haircuts for Dogs

Cool Haircuts for Dogs

Regular grooming ensures optimal health and emotional well-being of your dog. While there are many professional grooming centres that offer a wide range of services to choose from, grooming a dog can also be done at home. Getting grooming done professionally might be a better option for the pet parent with funds to spare, but […]

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How to Provide Your Adult Dog with Balanced Nutrition?

adults dogs nutrients food-min

Time has its own steady pace and it flies with the same. You would have never wondered that a small puppy, which you bought only yesterday, has turned out to be a fully grown-up dog so early. With the time, its body size increased, its mannerism became more polished and also its nutrient requirements enhanced […]

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How To Give The Right Kind Of Nutrition To Your Pup?

Food_Nutrition for puppy-min

Similar to the young ones of humans, puppies are the highly adorable younger versions of dogs. These are just like cute balls of wool that bring happiness on the faces of their masters. Whosoever views them, is highly tempted to take them in their arms atleast once. Just as their body is delicate to touch, […]

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How To Clip A Dog With Clippers?

dog Hair Clipper

Dogs are probably the most popular choice when it comes to keeping a pet at home. While other pets such as birds or fish require almost no grooming, dogs and cats have to be groomed on a regular basis to maintain their optimal health and emotional well-being. Grooming a dog can either be done at […]

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Pomeranian Puppy Cut Grooming

Pomeranian Grooming

Dogs are probably the most popular choice when it comes to keeping a pet at home. With a dog, also comes the responsibility of regular grooming. Dogshave to be groomed on a regular basis to ensure that theymaintain optimal health and enjoys emotional well-being. Pomeranians are a dog breed that requires a certain amount of […]

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How to Hire a Professional Pet Groomer?

Professional Pet Groomer

Pet grooming is indeed serious business. While there are many pet parents who prefer grooming their pets at home, there are also several others who opt for professional services instead. Usually, pet parents with funds at hand, but lacking time, go in for professional help when it comes to grooming their dogs. A professional pet […]

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Types of Haircuts Style for Dogs

Dogs Haicuts

Regular grooming of a dog is essential for maintaining optimal health and emotional well being. Getting your dog groomed professionally or at home, is an individual choice that lies primarily with the pet parent concerned. Grooming your dog has probably never been so easy, with the plethora of options available online where it comes to […]

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Cutting Dog Hair with Scissors

Dog Hair cut with Scissors

Keeping a pet comes with its own set of responsibilities. For dogs, along with ensuring a proper diet and occasional trips to the veterinarian for check-ups and inoculations, regular grooming is also important. Grooming can either be done at home or professionally at any reputed grooming centre for dogs. Daunting though it might sound, grooming […]

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Haircuts for Dogs with Long Hair

Dogs Long Hair

Grooming is essential for maintaining optimal health and well being of your pet. While there are many professional grooming centres operational today, grooming can also be done at home. For busy pet parents  unable to spend much time with their dog, professional grooming is the better option. While professional grooming might serve the purpose of […]

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Summer HairCut for Dogs

Summer Cut for Dogs

Keeping a pet comes with its own set of obligations. While there are many kinds of pets that can be kept at home, dogs are the most popular the world over. While other pets like cats, birds and even fish require almost no grooming, a dog has to be groomed on a regular basis. Grooming […]

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How To Encourage Picky-Eater Pets?

picky pet eaters-min

When you take the responsibilities to nurture a pet, it could involve a number of services viz. its food, sanitation, health and even the emergency conditions that it encounters. It could not be supposed as an easy assignment and involves a whole lot of patience and care. Even worse are the conditions when these pets […]

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How To Clean Your Dog’s Legs?

cleaning of dog legs-min

Strolling in an elegant aesthetic corner with your pet dog beside you is one of the most pleasant experiences in the world. While you love to have the experience, your pets too could develop an enjoyable acquaintance from it. Most of the pet owners keep their pets barefoot due to which they have to possibly […]

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How Rotational Feeding Could Help Your Pet’s Body?

Rotational Dog Food-min

How boring it would be to nourish your body with rather a single kind of meal for one full life. This is why humans include all kinds of varieties in their food in terms of food items, colors, tastes and even flavors and odors. While you experience boredom consuming a single kind of meal every […]

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Pomeranian Cuts For Summer

Pomeranian Hair Cuts

Grooming a dog is serious business. Today, there are many professional grooming centres available to choose from. Offering a wide range in services at fairly competitive rates, these centres are ideal for people with whom money is not an issue. While grooming done professionally does usually tend to have somewhat more aesthetic appeal, grooming of […]

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How to Groom a Dog at Home with Clippers?


Grooming a dog from time to time ensures their emotional as well as physical well being. Sessions of grooming provide the dog with undivided personal attention. Similarly, as at the time of grooming the entire body of the dog is under scrutiny, any anomalies can be spotted quite early on. With timely intervention and prompt […]

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