Helpful Tips & Ideas on Pet's Grooming

Summer HairCut for Dogs

Summer Cut for Dogs

Keeping a pet comes with its own set of obligations. While there are many kinds of pets that can be kept at home, dogs are the most popular the world over. While other pets like cats, birds and even fish require almost no grooming, a dog has to be groomed on a regular basis. Grooming […]

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How To Encourage Picky-Eater Pets?

picky pet eaters-min

When you take the responsibilities to nurture a pet, it could involve a number of services viz. its food, sanitation, health and even the emergency conditions that it encounters. It could not be supposed as an easy assignment and involves a whole lot of patience and care. Even worse are the conditions when these pets […]

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How To Clean Your Dog’s Legs?

cleaning of dog legs-min

Strolling in an elegant aesthetic corner with your pet dog beside you is one of the most pleasant experiences in the world. While you love to have the experience, your pets too could develop an enjoyable acquaintance from it. Most of the pet owners keep their pets barefoot due to which they have to possibly […]

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How Rotational Feeding Could Help Your Pet’s Body?

Rotational Dog Food-min

How boring it would be to nourish your body with rather a single kind of meal for one full life. This is why humans include all kinds of varieties in their food in terms of food items, colors, tastes and even flavors and odors. While you experience boredom consuming a single kind of meal every […]

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Pomeranian Cuts For Summer

Pomeranian Hair Cuts

Grooming a dog is serious business. Today, there are many professional grooming centres available to choose from. Offering a wide range in services at fairly competitive rates, these centres are ideal for people with whom money is not an issue. While grooming done professionally does usually tend to have somewhat more aesthetic appeal, grooming of […]

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How to Groom a Dog at Home with Clippers?


Grooming a dog from time to time ensures their emotional as well as physical well being. Sessions of grooming provide the dog with undivided personal attention. Similarly, as at the time of grooming the entire body of the dog is under scrutiny, any anomalies can be spotted quite early on. With timely intervention and prompt […]

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How Over-Grooming Affects Your Pet?

pet over grooming-min

Just like humans, pet too are obsessed with a sense of beauty and try many different ways to keep themselves clean. You would have seen your beautiful pussy licking itself almost every other hour to groom its body perfectly, even when you have offered it all the help using all the cat grooming tips perfectly. […]

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How Organic Vinegar Could Prove Handy For The Pet Owners

apple vinager for pets-min

Used almost every day in your culinary preparations, vinegar could have all sorts of names and properties. These are according to the natural products from which it is derived and its usage in specific products. For instance, apart from culinary preparations, the organic apple cider vinegar has a whole lot of applications in the household […]

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How Grain-Free Diet Could Help Your Pets?

grain free food-min

Regardless of the consequences, you may feed your pet with a number of items. You could develop the notion that a variety in the food items could ensure a variety in the ingested nutrients in the body. In contrast to the aforementioned belief, researchers came out with the outcome that pets could thrive on a […]

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How Frequently Should I Bathe My Dog?

dog bath-min

This is one of the most prominent questions that dog-keepers generally ask the vets as bathing is one of the hygienic necessities for a dog. While human beings follow a bathing schedule of atleast once a day, it is generally not recommended for the pets, especially your dogs. The modern technology has offered full-fledged bathing […]

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How Fleas On Dogs Are Prevented Using Apple Cider Vinegar?

fleas on dogs-min

Fleas are the nasty insects that are too troublesome, especially for pets such as cats and dogs. When these get into the body of your dogs, they could accompany with themselves a hoard of troubles, diseases and disorders. Due to this, while you follow all the pet grooming tips, prevention of fleas is also an […]

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How Cat Food Differs From The Dog Food

dog and cat food difference-min

The choice for the type of pet you wish to keep in your house could well be dependent on many factors viz. the time you have for the pet, your house conditions, your aesthetics, your family members and other lots of things. Most of you would choose between the breeds of cats and dogs to […]

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Clipping Dog’s Hair At Home

Dogs, as pets, need maintenance. While other pets, such as cat, fish or even a parrot for that matter, do not require much grooming as such; a dog, in order to maintain his ideal emotional and physical well being, requires regular grooming. There are many dog grooming centers available today that offer a host of […]

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Haircuts for Pomeranian Dogs

Grooming Styles for Pomeranians

Of all the various kinds of pets kept by people across the world, dogs are probably the most popular. Along with being the most commonly opted for pet, dogs also have the unique distinction of providing probably the widest range to choose from. From German Spitz to Boxer and from Great Dane to Chihuahua, you […]

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Homeopathic Treatment For Pets; Is It Safe?

homoeopathy for pet-min

Till now, homeopathy was a common remedial mode of treating many resistant body disorders, specifically by human beings. These involved simple, less costly medicines that used to have a very significant effect on any kind of body disorder and that too, without even accompanying side-effects, which are common with the allopathic medicines. Homeopathy has now […]

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Types Of Dog Grooming Scissors To Snip Dog Hair Coat

best dog grooming scissors

The beauty of your barking mate lies majorly in the gorgeous outer coat and its hair which are situated all over its body. While you possess a beautiful dog, a sweet responsibility of grooming it too, accompanies close behind. It is perhaps the most important step that could help you to preserve the essence of […]

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Herb Basket For Your Kitty’s Health

new cat herb basket-min

The mischievous ball of fur-your kitty always remains jubilant and active for almost entire its lifespan. This body strength is derived from the food items that you supply, keeping in mind proper cat grooming tips in terms of its diet.The mischievous ball of fur-your kitty always remains jubilant and active for almost entire its lifespan. […]

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Hear What Your Doggy Speaks

hear your dog speak-min

Have you ever imagined what would the world be like if we lacked the power to communicate? It’s highly dreadful to visualize even the concept of dumbness. The terrible world with no sounds, no notes and no exchange of emotions would not have enabled us to live long. Have you ever imagined what would the world […]

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Guidelines for Keeping Fish as Pets

guidelines for fish-min

The notion to keep fish is certainly an effective one for the people with less time. They require less of care while they do not demand for anything extra. You would have viewed colorful aquariums in the home of people and owners feeding them with fish food.The notion to keep fish is certainly an effective […]

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Grooming Your Dog’s Body With Organic Neem Products

ayurvadic product for dog-min

Your dog’s efficient grooming could be accomplished quite easily with the help of various Ayurvedic and Organic Products that are available very easily in the commercial forms. Neem is one of the similar effective products, that though occurs as a tree, has various commercial incarnations of its own.Your dog’s efficient grooming could be accomplished quite […]

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