Helpful Tips & Ideas on Pet's Grooming

Longest Living Dog Breeds Of The World

Dogs Breed of The World-min

When you buy a pet dog, you could estimate its average life of about 10 to 14 years. This is generally the life span up to which most of the dogs continue their services for the master. In contrast to this, An Australian dog named Maggie who died in April, 2016, was supposed to have […]

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Latest Technological Inventions To Keep Your Cats Healthy

latest technology for cats health-min

In the era where every single thing is experiencing an influence due to the ever-evolving technology, the inventors have not spared even the pets that we possess. This is why, there are hoards of commercial products and gadgets that are primarily meant to keep your pets hale and hearty. As per the American Pet Product […]

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Keeping Birds And Other Pets Together: Better Said Than Done

Birds and other pets at home-min

When nature created a diversity of organisms, it made its own rules for predators and preys. Though, both these elements of nature could co-exist in a single kind of environment, they possess some specific traits with which they could survive against each other. For instance, the predators depend on preys for their food and the […]

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Dog Breeds That Are Overwhelmingly Affectionate

Labrador Retriever

Dogs are, by and large, the favorite when it comes to keeping a pet at home. Different levels of affection can be witnessed across the various dog breeds. While some are more affectionate than others, there are also certain dogs that require more space than the rest. Here are some dog breeds generally known to […]

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Is Your Dog Snoring Way Too Much?

snoring habit of dog-min

The effective use of all the pet grooming tips to enhance the outer appearance of your pet would get marred the very instance when someone find your beautiful pet snoring. A snore is rather a defect that is not loved by the humans, whether from some other human beings close by or even your pets. […]

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Is Your Dog Having A Swollen Ear?

Dog Swollen Ear-min

The auditory capability of a dog is one of the best sensing qualities that it possesses and is many times better than the human beings. If you have a pet dog, you would have heard it barking many a times due to some unidentified reason. However, the sounds that could not be perceived by the […]

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Treats for your Dog- Good to See & Great to Taste


A gourmet treat for your dog, while looks appealing to the eye, appears to require a master-chef level of expertise. Though a daunting task it might seem on the face of it, dishing out such treats from your own pantry is quite easy actually. Scroll down to find some really easy treats for your dog […]

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How to Understand your Cat’s Behavior?

Cat’s Behavior

Keeping pets is something that a wide majority of us can relate to. In addition to regular health check-ups and a proper diet, as a pet parent you also have to ensure the emotional well-being of your pet. Pets usually express themselves by certain behavior that is quite typical in itself. Pet owners should take […]

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How Long Does It Take To Groom A Dog?

Professional Dog Grooming

Keeping a pet at home comes with its own set of responsibilities. Along with time-to-time visits to the veterinarian and a good diet, grooming too has an important part to play. Of the different kinds of house pets that people prefer, it is perhaps a dog that is favored by the majority. Regular grooming sessions […]

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How to Take Care of Your Pet During Rainy Season?

How to take care of your pet during rainy season

Keeping a pet comes with its own set of responsibilities. While there are many kinds of pets that can be kept at home, dogs are probably the most popular of them all. With dogs, regular grooming takes the centre-stage. While grooming pets such as cats or fish requires almost no grooming, a dog has to […]

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Dog Hair Cut- Grooming at Home

Dog Hair Cut

Grooming is very essential for a dog. Regular grooming maintains the optimal health as well as emotional well-being of your dog. There are many professional grooming centres offering a wide range of services at fairly competitive rates. In addition to grooming centres just round the corner or across the street, there are many mobile grooming […]

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Best Haircut Tools for Dogs

dog haircut tools

Regular grooming is very essential to maintain your dog in optimal health and best of spirits. There are many professional grooming centres offering a wide range of services at fairly competitive rates. While professional grooming might be a more practical solution for pet parents with money to spare but lacking the requisite time for it, […]

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Why Haircut is Important for a Dog?

Dog Hair Grooming

A dog is a man’s best friend. Along with regular visits to the veterinarian and a balanced diet, dogs also require regular grooming to keep them in the best of health and spirits. There are many grooming centres operational, offering a wide range of services at fairly competitive rates. On the other hand, for budget-conscious […]

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Is Your Dog Having A Sensitive Stomach?

sensitivity in dogs-min

The basic nourishment of any organism is derived from the food that he eats. Whether it is the plants, animals or the human being, all of them require some kind of solid ingestion in their body for a proper living. Animals especially, are great lover of foods that they eat. You would have seen your […]

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Is Your Dog Frightened of Clipping Its Nails?

Nail-clipping of fearful dog-min

That very sound of your dogs’ nails clinking on to the floor while it walks could be highly irritating. Though the nails are meant for certain purposes, their optimum size is very critical as far as dog grooming is concerned. You might offer a regular wash to your dog and take care of all its […]

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Is Your Dog Food Really Good For Your Dog?

dog food is really good for dog-min

Saving money is no doubt a good notion, but on the cost of the health of your dog, it could be as terrible as hell. Are you too the one that buys cheap dog foods for your pets, just to save a few bucks? Mind you! This could turn out to be disastrous for your […]

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Is Your Cat’s Skin Changing Its Color?

cat skin color problems-min

Kitties are some of the most beautiful animals of the world that lure you interest with their gorgeous, slim body, extremely wooly fur and their soft nature. This is why the people, who tend to keep them as pets, spend way too much on their appearance. Cats are required a regular grooming of their body, […]

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Is Your Cat Sleeping Way Too Much?

cats sleeping habits

Your purring mate is probably a live ball of fur with which you would always love to play. Cats themselves are very playful by their nature and could always demand attention from their owners. But what if you find your cat sleeping more than what you have anticipated? Sleepy Nature Of Cats: What you classify […]

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How to Clean Your Pet’s Ears Safely?

cat ear clean-min

Ask yourself. Forget about pets. Do human ears require a regular cleanup and care of their ears? Why so? It is because ears are one of the sensory organs in humans and without the services of these you would be in a completely dumb world. Regular cleaning of human ears is highly critical because of […]

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Importance Of Conditioning Your Dog After Bathing

conditioning dog after bathing-min

Bathing your dog could be a tedious job. For those who dislike getting wetting, while you wash your dog, you have all the chances of being wetter than your dog. Also, if you have a mischievous pet dog, it would turn your bathroom into a grimy space as soon as it begins plunging in water. […]

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Haircut Tips for Dogs Grooming

Haircut Tips for Dogs Grooming

In addition to maintaining health, regular grooming sessions, especially when done at home, lead to a sense of well-being for both the pet parent as well as the dog. A one-on-session between the two, grooming at home leads to a greater bonding between the pet parent and the dog. Grooming Procedure There are many processes […]

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