Helpful Tips & Ideas on Pet's Grooming

How To Train Your Barking Fellow

barking felllow dog

Dog, the most faithful animal on this entire earth could sometimes be deceptive in its behavior as far as its living conditions are concerned. It may also show unique traits in its attitude when it comes across people other than your house members. In these conditions, it is the responsibility of the pet-keeper or its […]

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Dog Grooming Combs And Their Varieties

dog combing variety-min

Just as you buy a sweet little hair grooming comb for your personal needs, your pets too could require these materials, which are used to enhance their outer appearance. Just as you buy a sweet little hair grooming comb for your personal needs, your pets too could require these materials, which are used to enhance their […]

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Dog Dyes: Render Your Dog Its True Colors But With Added Safety

dyes dog

You know, what could be the best of the worst factor associated with ‘fashion industry’? It could be its habit of changing colors every now and then. It is best for those who could afford to pick up articles that go with the latest trends and in contrast worst for the people, who feel a […]

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Dog Diapers And Why Your Pet Could Be Needing Them

pets diapers

The recent trends in the modern world of 21st century say that pets are no longer the animals that you rear. In fact, these are more the members of your family that get to use all the facilities of your house, from the heated instruments in winters to air-conditioners in the summers.The recent trends in […]

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Dog Beds: Have You Got The Right Ones For Your Pet?

choosing pets bed

The living beings, and most accurately the mobile ones, are able to work efficiently throughout the course of their life due to a definite portion of rest in the midst of their labor. It is this rest in the form of short rest-intervals, naps, snooze or deep slumber that revitalizes their body to turn it […]

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How To Maintain Optimal Health and Wellbeing of Cats and Dogs?

Optimal Health and Wellbeing of Cats and Dogs-min

Keeping a pet comes with its own set of responsibilities. Along with scheduled trips to the veterinarian and a proper diet, dogs and cats also require regular grooming sessions as well. Indeed, a lot goes in to keep pets happy and healthy. It is up to the pet parent to ensure that their pet is […]

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Dog And Cat Grooming According To Seasonal Conditions

seasonal allergies

That runny nose of your and coughing that occurs every few seconds, could be indications of seasonal influences on your body. The change in season is not just an environmental concept, but it is immensely associated with the body of human beings and animals too. This is why, apart from the human beings, the body […]

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Does Bedding Of A Dog Affect Its Grooming?


Probably yes. Who would like to stay in a bed that contains filthy bedding or does not smell nice? Nobody would love the idea. Even the human beings love to vacuum clean their bed almost every other day before stepping into it, so that the most pleasurable experience of the day, ‘the sleep’ is rendered […]

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Do You Follow A Proper Vaccination Schedule For Your Pets?


It is a mandatory task that while you possess a pet such as a cat or a dog, you should get it vaccinated in a timely manner. Vaccination is not just a form of medication. Rather, it is a form of protection for you and your pet too, from hoards of diseases that have all […]

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How To Trim Paw Pads At Home – Tools and Detailed Guide


Keeping a pet comes with its own set of responsibilities. How To Trim Paw Pads At Home? is the frequently asked question by pet owners. While other pets – such as fish, birds or even cats for that matter – require either no grooming or just a minimal amount of it, dogs have to be […]

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Do Pets Too Require Antioxidants With Their Foods?

Antioxident dog food

Just as human beings are exposed to the process of oxidation in their body, your pets too could experience the same in theirs’. Oxidation is the process when the food is exposed to oxygen and it causes a breakdown in the nutrients and fat in the body causing symptoms such as discoloration and rancidity etc. […]

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Do Dogs’ Whiskers Function Similar To The Cats’?


Many animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits and rats which are kept as pets, have a set of protruding hair from below their noses which are commonly known as whiskers. Unlike other pets, cats have whiskers which internally contain streams of nerves. These streams of nerves may act as the sixth sense of the animals […]

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Do Chlorinated Swimming Pools Harm The Body Of Pets?


One of the most refreshing and rejuvenating experience for the pet and the pet owner on a hot summer day is a cool plunge in the swimming pools. Many of the pet owners may have a separate pool for your pets such as dogs and cats who love to wet their body. In these swimming […]

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Do Cats Too Get Depressed? Why So?

cat depression

Owning a cat is probably a matter of concern as these jubilant pets are always high in their activities. You might have yourself noticed your feline climbing trees, jumping up and down the fences or chasing small animals. Up till their body-energy accompanies them, their behavior could certainly be deceptive. But do you know that […]

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Dogs Eye Infection – Type, Cause, Symptoms and Treatment


Dogs are man’s best friend. And, to see that same friend in pain, causes untold misery to the owner concerned. Among the various infections that can affect canines, the ocular variety is probably the most common. This post will help you Symptoms which indicate eye problem in dogs Common infection in dog eyes (Their cause […]

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Cats Classification – Know More About Felis Catus, Physical & Behavioral Features

Cat Classification

Domestic cat, or felis catus, is the smaller member of the family known as Felidae. While the domestic cat is felis catus, the feral cat is referred to as felis silvestris catus. Domestic or feral, cats are usually small and furry carnivores. Currently, there are over 70 kinds of cats worldwide. No consensus has been […]

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Dental Wipes For The Dogs And Their Usage

Dog Dental Wipes

Are you worried about your pet dog for its habit of disagreeing to brush its teeth? If yes, it’s time to reconsider your classic methods and choose new ones, the ones that would be supported by your pets too. As it is already known that cleaning teeth of your pets is an integral part of […]

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Dealing With Pets That Are Mentally Retarded

Mentally Retarded dog

As a well considered fact, mental troubles in the body of a living being are more distressing than the physical troubles. The human brain is the controlling center of all the other organs and the misbehavior of this organ-on-the-driver’s-seat could be highly critical for the concerned living being. The trouble multiplies further when the mental […]

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Dealing Efficiently With Separation Anxiety Of Your Pets

Change In behavior of Your Pet

So what if they cannot utter words that are familiar to the human beings; our pets too have secure emotions of their own which reflect from their very behavior while in your house. Your dogs and cats could make you understand their feelings very effectively with their actions and characteristic sounds, which conclude that even […]

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