Over-Grooming Troubles Of Your Cats

Over Grooming Of Cat-min

Cats are generally known to be self-groomers and could spend a substantial portion of their day in tidying up themselves. While this is a natural habit of your pets, it sometimes leads to certain body troubles that arise due to self over-grooming of the cats.

Over-grooming could be defined as the behavior of the cats due to which, they tend to lick and clean themselves more than the normal terms.

Due to this, you could come across some broken patches on the skin that could have sparse hair, complete baldness on the skin or even damaged portions on the skin. In certain severe cases, the cats tend to chew or bite their tail or feet, which could require a medical attention.

If considerable wounds occur on the tail, it could rather be necessary to remove the tail completely off its body.

Otherwise too, the affected cats chew, lick, pluck and bite their hair which could lead to damaged portions of certain body-parts.

Over-Grooming And Stress:                                                                        

While most of the affected cats tend to show over-grooming symptoms due to certain body troubles, stress and depression could also be one of the major causes of the same. Cats tend to over-groom themselves to feel better when they are in a stressful condition.

The stress related over-grooming could cause more harms when they disrupt the normal schedules of the cat, including the diet.

Body Parts That Are Over-Groomed:

Mainly, the parts of the body of cat that are well in the reach of its tongue and mouth are over-groomed more often. These include areas such as tummy regions, hind and front legs, a few parts of the back and near the flank regions.

The affected areas could have a sharp and spiky feel when touched as when the hair are broken intentionally, the shaft of these remain on the body parts. This is different from general alopecia (partial or complete absence of body hair), where the remnant hair feel soft to touch.

Over-Grooming And Body Illnesses:

Over-grooming could arise due to troubles in certain portions of the body such as extensive pain or itches. These may be a result of attack of fleas and other insects on the body of cat, which force it to use its mouth on the area.

The lower urinary tract diseases are also one of the prominent reasons that result in development of discomfort and pain in the body of your cats. These pains could in turn, result in chewing of the body parts.

Solution To The Over-Grooming Troubles:

If you view your cat has certain over-grooming troubles in its body, the first mandatory step is to take it to a vet. These dilemmas are generally symptoms of some disease, which the cat may not be able to convey to its master.

On diagnosis, the vets would come out with the exact trouble in the body and if required, would offer a medication for the same. If necessary, you could also consult a cat-behavior specialist who could help you out if the over-grooming troubles arise due to stressed conditions.