Nourishment That Lends A Vigorous Pet

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It’s an accepted fact for each and every living being that, ‘what goes in as food, so becomes your body and mind’ and rightly so because food is what is one of the prime needs of each and every biological organism. As the fact is applicable for human beings and plants, similar is the case with the animals that have their own unique ways to derive their nutrition. When the animals are stray, they have supreme independence of choosing for what will suit them the best, but when you decide to keep them as pets, you have to derive distinct ways to keep them happy with their food, such that they do not lose their interest in the diet they are offered and the functioning of their body is not disturbed, especially if you nurture a cat or a dog.

Now the question that arises here is, what would you feed your pet everyday such that its curiosity is not dwindled and also it does not affect the body-operations adversely? Many of you would have many minds and all the more varieties of foods that could be implemented in the daily schedules but here we bring to you some utterly delicious treats, which apart from tempting the pet, would offer them all the nutrients and minerals they require:

  • Fibrous And Flavorful Snacks: It must be kept track of that when the digestive system of your pet is in a good condition, the other systems would have a better chance of performing well. This highly necessary task is facilitated by the roughage and fibrous elements present in the food. Make sure that whatever food is offered, should have an adequate amount of fibers; neither more, nor less. Some of the foods in this category are:
  • Parsley Liver Chops: This dish is a combination of vegetarian and non-vegetarian items that is prepared by combining the ingredients and baking them in an oven for ample time. This could be stored in a refrigerator and kept for about a week. With high nutrients and tempting taste, this could be a good treat for your pet.
  • Meaty Delight: For the felines who have a great liking for the non-veg dishes, this dish could be rather a delight. You could choose a wide variety of meats viz. turkey, beef, chicken and mutton and grind them so that they become homogeneous for their mixing. Next, combine them with fish-flesh, mashed sweet potato and an egg. Transfer the material in a baking tray to bake them till they are done. After this cut them into pieces, feed your pets and watch a never-before type interest in them for their food.
  • Liver Tatar Meat Feed: This is also an appetizing dish that could be given to a hungry pet. All you have to do is, combine portions of beef liver, eggs, potato flour, peas and turmeric and blend them well in a food processor. After this, bake them in an oven for adequate time, about 45 minutes. Cut this combination into small portions before serving them to your pets. You could keep this product for a week in the refrigerator.
  • Turkey Balls: When you consider diets that, apart from being high in fibers, are rich in proteins, the meatballs made out of turkey are a good source for this. All you have to do is, take a cup of ground turkey meat and combine it with an egg, chopped parsley, cottage cheese and boiled sweet potato. Mix these ingredients well and prepare balls of about one inch in diameter out of them. Next, put them in a greased baking dish and bake them till they appear golden from outside. You could feed these balls in a warm state or keep them refrigerated for about a week.
  • Crispy Delights: Crispy and crunchy items are among the favorite foods for most of the pets. These, apart from offering them a good taste, also cater the strength of teeth. Most of the pet owners prefer to buy crunchy food items from outside, but believe it, you could prepare all the crunchy delights well at home. All you need is some good ingredients and proper guidance for the recipe. Some of the crunchy food items that you could prepare are:
  • Canned Food Turned Homely: While it may not be a good idea to give your pet the canned food, you could take it and convert it into some healthy recipe for your dogs. Just get a can of food that suits a dog, open it and spread the contents on a greased baking sheet. After this step, bake it in an oven for about an hour and what you would get would surely be loved and praised by your dog.
  • Cat-Loved Food: Your kitty too loves crunchy food and you could prepare these items with the least hustle. The ingredients which you need for this are chicken baby food, canned sardines and a cup of fresh ground turkey. Blend all these ingredients well and bake them for about an hour. Break the whole mass into pieces and offer your kitty, this wonderful crispy delight.
  • Liver Biscuits: This recipe is prepared out of beef liver and tastes blissfully well. Take about half a cup of liver beef and combine it with beef stock and flour. Blend the materials well and put them in a baking tray. Bake them for about an hour till they appear golden from outside and let them cool. The sliced portions of this mass is given to the pets for a rich and healthy food experience.
  • Sardine Crispies: Your cat loves the taste of fish and you could use this ingredient to prepare a healthy and crunchy delight. Sardine crispies are prepared by simply heating the pieces of sardines (fresh or canned) in an oven for about 20 minutes and you could offer it to you kitty once it cools down.
  • Recipes For Pets That Have Disorders: Not all the time on earth, you could keep your pet in a sound and healthy condition. Sometimes, you pet gets diseases and ailments and you have to think of ways to find alternatives for your daily food that could keep your pet healthy and cure them out of ailments which they are subjected to. In this regards, here are some of the dishes that you could prepare at your home:
  • Dishes For The Diabetic Ones: When there is an imbalance in the insulin level of your pet, you could make use of the ingredient cinnamon, which has the capability of regulating the hormone insulin and thereby reducing the sugar levels. One of the common recipes is cinnamon cubes, which is prepared by blending together hemp protein powder, ground meat, a couple of eggs and a hint of cinnamon powder. These ingredients are mixed well and spread in a baking tray to bake them for about half an hour. When it cools down, you could cut pieces out of the whole mass and offer these to your diabetic pets.
  • Stomach And Intestine Relieving Diet: The pets that suffer due to gastric and intestinal problems could also be offered delightful treats. To prepare one of these, you need the products such as one-fourth cup of elm powder, a cup of canned pumpkin, little bit of ground ginger root, one-fourth cup of potato flour and a few mint leaves. Blend all these ingredients well till they turn into smooth dough. Next, make small balls out of the dough and bake them in the oven for about 25 minutes. You could keep this dish in refrigerator for about a week and feed your diseased pet to cure it.
  • Kidney-Soothing Delights: If it happens that your pet encounters some kidney diseases, you could make mouth-watering delights that could cure them out of it. Take about half a cup of cottage cheese and mix it with a cup of potato flour and a hint of parsley. Mash them well with your hands or a fork, till it appears to be smooth dough. Make balls out of the dough and flatten them. Keep these pieces on a well-greased baking tray and bake them for about 40 minutes or till they become crispy. Feed these cheesy delights to your pet and do away with the kidney problems in no time. The leftovers could be refrigerated for about a week.
  • Low-Protein Snacks: If your pet is down due to liver problems, protein-less food could make a good difference in curing them. You could prepare it by blending coconut flour, mashed sweet potato and apple sauce and baking them in an oven till they turn crispy. This dish is low in proteins and does not hurt your pets’ liver.

Nourishment that lends a vigorous pet-min

You could follow the preparation of all these mouthwatering delicacies for your pet and in turn get a healthy and hearty mate, which would remain free from diseases. Some of the people may think twice about incorporating these ideas but remember, when the pet is wholeheartedly devoted to be a good mate, why not turn out to be a master that is trusted and loved by the pet too.