Nicotine Poisoning In Your Pet’s Body

Nicotine Poisoning In Your Pet’s Body-min

Does this mean that there are some smoking products that could even be used by your pets? Joke of the century for sure. However, these smoking products do affect your pets and it is due to the usage by the pet keepers that you could expect such as consequence.

Very recently, the use of electronic cigarettes has replaced the traditional ones and, better known as e-cigarettes, these smoking products could be made up to 4.6 percent of nicotine.

As per a report, the use of e-cigarettes increased as much as 13.6 percent, in comparison to what it was done during its discovery year of 2007. And not forget, the users of these products do contained pets such as dogs and cats, which were reported to be affected by the poisoning effects.

The culprit to all these is the deadly nicotine that is extremely dangerous for the pets to have it in their body.

Why People Use E-Cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes are known to be the replacement of smoking products that contain tobacco. People try to cut down on their habit of using tobacco products with these, hardly adhering to the fact that these also contain a certain content of nicotine.

With a rechargeable battery, the cartridge of the setup contains liquid nicotine that vaporizes to be taken in by the user. If you smoke regularly, with your pet in a close vicinity, your pet too tends to smoke with your by a process known as passive smoking.

In addition, this liquid nicotine may also contain some flavoring agents, which through are not poisonous for the pets, could lure the attention of them to get them hurt with the same.


Signs Of Nicotine Poisoning:

Dogs could be most commonly affected with the nicotine in their body, followed by cats, which could show some sort of resistance. And the most common symptom to nicotine poisoning is vomiting.

As the nicotine receptors tend to be stimulated throughout the central nervous system and the body, you could also expect your pet to exhibit symptoms such as diarrhea, agitation, increased heartbeat and drooling etc.

Again, when the nicotine content tends to become excessive, you could expect the receptors to get blocked and invite tremors, seizures, muscular weakness, heart arrhythmias, lethargy and even death of your dear pet due to respiratory system failures.

And to add to the troubles, nicotine has the tendency to be absorbed through skin and mucous membranes, apart from the nasal chambers. This tends to be more dangerous for your pets since, when you pet eats a tobacco product, its liver would work to remove the poison.

However, transmucosal routes avoid the liver infiltration and hence affect their body rather badly.

What To Do With Nicotine Poisoning:

If by the symptoms in your pet’s body you suspect it to be affected by nicotine poisoning, rush to the vet immediately. Since nicotine could be rapidly absorbed by the body, you could expect your pet to become symptomatic rather too quickly.

Your vet would require information on the time period of occurrence of the symptoms and the probable causes that could have led to the same. This is followed by proper diagnosis of their body, with respect to the blood count, urine tests, ECG and X-Rays if imperative.

Depending on these, the pets could be offered immediate treatment of medications. Some pets may even faint with the effect of too much loss of liquid from their body and could require supplement of Intravenous fluids in their body with medications.

And last but not the least, you ought to follow proper pet grooming tips to take care of your pets. Offer them a regular vet checkup to get hold of any budding disorder in their body. These budding seeds of disorders need to be nipped off their buds, lest they turn to be life-costing troubles for your pets in the future.

In addition, do not keep any poisonous product in the reach of your pet. To be safe is always better than being sorry, you would know well in hand.

Nicotine harmful for Your Pet’s Body-min