Modern Substitutes Of The Elizabethan Collar For Your Pets

Elizabethan Coller for Pets-min

While your pet is a notorious one, you could always expect it to meet accidents. And all these irritating wounds and injured spaces could turn more irritating when your pet uses its mouth to lick the damaged portions.

It is said that the saliva of your pet contains some medicated elements which facilitates the haste recovery of the physical injury. However, when you use a medical treatment to foster the recovery of the injured portion, your pet licking the chemicals of the applied ointments could be a dangerous consequence.

To prevent this, pet parents use what is called as the Elizabethan Collar. It is a product that is conical in shape and could be worn by your pet around its neck to prevent it from licking the injured portion. The product covers almost whole of the mouth of a pet.

Recently, there had been many memes which troll the pets wearing such collars, calling them the ‘Cone of Shame’ for the pets. And due to this, people have started searching for alternatives of the ‘Elizabethan Collar’, which look attractive on the body of pets, apart from preventing their use of tongue on their wounds.

Some of the most common modern alternatives that you could use for your pets in place of these ‘Cones of Shame’ are as follows:

  • The BiteNot Collars: These are similar to the flat-portioned dog collars that are worn by dogs and cats, with a bit of increase in their width. These collars are made up of flexible plastics and foam, available according to the size of your pet. It also prevents the destructive habit of your pet. But the BiteNot Collars are not suitable for the pets that have tail injuries or which have a defect in their eyes, nose or ears.
  • ProCollar Premium Protective Collar: These are more like an inflatable dog pillow that is worn around its neck. It is more comfortable than the normal plastic collar and allows the dog to eat and drink with comfort. These collars do not cause irritation around its neck and eliminates rashes. However, it is suitable only for the upper body injuries as pets could easily access their tail injury with the collar on them. Also, these could burst if your pet is too notorious in its trait.
  • Kong EZ Soft Collar: These types of collars inculcate the shape of the traditional Elizabethan collars, but they are more comfortable, flexible and involve lesser accidents than the former. You could even use these when you use the pet grooming tips to either bathe or groom your pet. It slides down the neck easily and does not cause irritation on the area in contact.
  • Comfy Collar: Comfy Collars also occur with the traditional shape of an Elizabethan cone, but as the name indicates they are more comfortable in their usage. These collars are made up of nylon and foam and are worn very comfortably by your pet. Even though, it could retain its shape for a considerable period due to the presence of loop on the device.
  • The Boobooloon: This is a type of dog collar which is more an inflatable medicated product. It is built with the consideration to increase your dog’s comfort, apart from offering protection to its body. It is extremely light in weight and allows all the regular functions of the dogs while wearing it. However, the lower-body injuries have lesser chances of their protection.
  • Optivisor or Novaguard: This is one of the modern products that do not obstruct the vision and audibility of your pet, even while wearing the same. It has a transparent plastic covering that guard the face, leaving space for the ears and mouth to stay out. It is similar to a kind of mask that the pets could wear.

These are some of the most common alternatives of the ‘Cone of Shame’ for your pet and you could use them for the extra comfort of its body, while protecting its injuries and wounds.