Magnet Therapy For Your Pets And Its Effectiveness

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The use of magnets would probably had enchanted you as a kid, but these strong attracting and repelling substances have found a great application in the mechanical industry. Nowadays, use of magnets is also very prominent in the medical industries as a popular sort of treatment method.

What Is Magnet Therapy?

The medical use of magnets and the magnetic fields generated by them to treat various kinds of body troubles is known as magnet therapy. The magnets used could either be permanent or electromagnetic ones, which could occur in various shapes, sizes and strengths.

The treatments with the use of these magnets could depend upon the type of magnet used or the medical condition of the body. These magnets may occur in various shapes such as beads, strips, bars etc. and are glued or taped to the pet’s body up till the treatment is continued.

The most advanced method of this kind of treatment is Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) method, in which the pulses of electromagnetic rays are transferred to the affected body part to get it healed.

Magnet Therapy For Animals:      

The history of use of magnets in medical treatments is as old as 2000 BC. The Chinese were the first to implement the usage of these objects to treat various body conditions and the records of these are also kept safe.

The use of this sort of technology for animals is however practiced since about only last few decades. The horses were the first animals that received magnetic treatment, owing to their adaptable body size according to the conditions of electromagnetic fields.

This technology though, could not be used for smaller animals such as dogs and cats in the previous years, since the technology was too strong for them to handle. However, the improvement in technology has opened doors for the smaller animals as well and now your beloved pets (dogs and cats) could also get benefitted with the use of this technique

Magnetic Therapy For Our Pets:

The liability to nurture a pet requires following all the pet grooming tips in a proper manner, so that the pets remain out of any sort of physical and medical trouble that tends to influence their body.

However, some or the other sort of body trouble is always hovering to sneak a peek into your pets body, which are responsible for many body disorders. Though the use of allopathic remedies has been in a constant practice since long time, people are now making stride towards alternative treatment techniques such as homeopathy and magnet therapy to prohibit side-effects.

The magnets tend to heal body troubles by removing inflammations and restoring the circulation of blood. When the magnetic fields are applied to certain ruptured part of the body, the flow of blood is increased to that part of the body.

Due to this, the site gets more of oxygen and nutrients that the blood accompanies and healing process gets improved. For example, if one of the bones of the dog’s leg is broken, the vets may apply a magnetic field to the portion to attract more of calcium ions from the blood.

The calcium ions facilitate the formation of callus that is necessary for the healing of dog’s broken bone. The ‘US Food and Drug Administration’ has even recommended the use of magnetic therapy for healing of non-union fractures (fractures that fail to heal even after much of attempt)

For dogs and cats, apart from healing fractures, magnet therapy could be used to treat many other conditions such as:

  • Chronic pain
  • Arthritis
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Epilepsy
  • Osteochondritis
  • Chronic organ disorders
  • Vertebral displacement
  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Traumatic disorders

Is Magnetic Therapy Safe For The Pets?

Magnetic Therapies are practically safe and sound with no sorts of side-effects. Some vets however, suggest that pets should not be allowed to wear magnets for prolonged periods as this retards their body capability to get adapted to the magnetic therapy in the future.

Some other vets suggest that magnetic therapy should be followed correctly with both the poles of magnet in a correct position. If the poles are not aligned correctly or the south pole of the magnet touches the body, the treatment could be offered reverse consequences.

Also magnet therapies should not be practiced with the pets that have experienced fresh wounds, during pregnancy or those which take the services of pacemaker. Even if the body of pets is affected due to infection or is cancerous, the use of magnet therapy should be prohibited.

The use of magnetic therapy for treatment of chronic and acute body troubles of pets is becoming increasing popular. This is because it could be used in conjunction with other alternative treatments such as acupuncture. You could also get your pet treated with this no-side-effect treatment by gaining all the information first from an expert vet.