Let Your Pet Dog Be Acquainted With The Pet Cat

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A keen lover of pets would always look forward to render all what is needed to keep his or her pet hale and hearty. These pets are something more than mere animals; they are the members of their own personal family. These modest creatures with shiny little eyes, want all the love and warmth from their masters, which they utterly deserve and try to create a balance in the differences they posses. They try their level best to come out with what is desired from them and show their best of attitude. Under these conditions, it is also the responsibility of a pet owner to understand that if you want to develop a warm relationship, you have to win their trust.

Some other times, you decide to introduce a newer pet to your prior pet or the family of pets you have. In such a case, you might need to fulfill certain conditions such that both your pets could get to know each other well, understand the similarities and respect the differences among themselves.

Cats and dogs are among the favorite animals that are reared by people. These two pets are highly compatible in the society of people and could adjust well with little bit of negotiations. These two pets may look good away from each other, but when they come together, the chore to keep them quiet and hushed could draw sweat from your body, as these tend to be natural enemies. A dog, if dislikes a cat could be high in fury and could attempt to attack it and kill it. A cat on the other hand proves to be timid infront of a dog and could opt for a hiding place or something heighted, up to which a dog could not reach. Moreover, these two creatures could create a chaos in your house if they are set free.

Under this condition, it becomes the duty of a pet-keeper to have an utter control over the different kind of pets they have, lest they end up hurting or killing one another. Some of the precautions and measures you could take while introducing a new pet to your older pet are as follows:

  • Practice obedience with a dog: The primary lessons that a dog learns is the commands such as sit, stand, come, go, jump and walk etc. All these commands are taught when the dog is new, so that it could be more refined and listens properly to whatever is being commanded next. Small treats such as bits of food could be helpful while you do this. If your dog is already accustomed to what the primary trainings are, the process would become simpler for you.
  • A Positive First Encounter: The dog and the cat would only develop a liking for each other if they see the other one constantly. This is a matter of supreme responsibility for a pet owner. It is to be kept track of, what the distance between them is when they meet and what is your experience upon their first get together. Did the dog growl at the smaller pet or did it show no reaction? With this, you could understand well, what the behavior of them is, towards each other. Also, do not forget to keep your dog leashed so that he does not lose control while he is angry.
  • Swap the smells: The pets will get well together with each other if they are acquainted with the scents of the other one. This could be an utter advantage if you want to make your pets behave in a friendly manner. You could exchange their beds and blankets so that they familiarize with the scents. Also, food bowl swapping could be supremely useful while you try to make your pets friendly.
  • Switch the living areas: Try to swap the living areas of the pet as well. The rooms or the outside areas which your older pet was accustomed to, should be made accessible to the newer one so that it gets compatible with the scents of the other animal and proves itself good when you try to bring them face to face.
  • Let the cat be free: Keep the dog leashed or chained and let the cat be free to travel. In this condition, if the dog stays calm, you have advanced a step ahead to your wishes. You could pat the dog and offer it treats for staying calm. If it reacts aggressively, you need to console the dog up till he becomes calm. Slowly and constantly, this method would help to reduce the aggressive nature of your pets.
  • Positive attitude for both the pets: You have to keep this in mind that in spite your one pet being new, both are equal in your eyes. Under this condition, you have to keep a positive attitude for both of them. Do not beat the dog or shout at it infront of the cat, when he does not listen to your command. Instead, be calm and reward it so that he feels good.
  • When you are not at home: While you are at your place, you might be able to control them, but when you are not present, the cat and the dog could have a chance to meet and also react aggressively if not properly familiar. Under this condition, you should make arrangements for places in which the cat could hide while it is being chased by the dog. Also, you could keep your dog leashed if it is too aggressive.
  • Precautions with the food: Take care that the food that dog and cat eat are no swapped. A cat eats more rich food than a dog and exchange in foods would not benefit either of them.

Using all the above methods, you could take proper care for the condition that your dog and cat remain friendly with each other. When they are friendly, there would be less chaos and more serenity in the environment.