Is Your Dog Snoring Way Too Much?

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The effective use of all the pet grooming tips to enhance the outer appearance of your pet would get marred the very instance when someone find your beautiful pet snoring. A snore is rather a defect that is not loved by the humans, whether from some other human beings close by or even your pets.

A dog that snores while sleeping is said to be affected with some trouble, mild or serious, and needs to be diagnosed closely for the process.

What Is Snoring?

Snoring is the characteristic grunting sound that comes out of the mouth or nostrils of a person due to an obstruction in flow of air while sleeping. These irritating sounds could be loud or mild, depending upon the reason of their occurrence and also depending upon the body disability.

And just as human beings snore while they sleep, your pets such as your dogs and cats too could snore in their snooze. While you discover your pet too, uttering a similar characteristic sound off its mouth, you could be required to refer a vet to get it relieved soon.

Probable Reasons Of Your Dog’s Snoring:

The snoring habit of your dog could be due to the following reason:

  • Obstruction In Its Nose: If your dog has even a small particle stuck in its nose, which causes an obstruction in the flow of air, your dog could be affected with a snoring habit.
  • Inherited Troubles: Some specific breeds of the dogs such as Boxers, Pugs, Pekinese, English Bull Dogs and others which have short noses are prone to snoring. This is due to the fact that they have lesser passage in their nasal cavity which calls for labor to breathe when your dog is sleeping.
  • Allergic Symptoms: Dogs that have some kinds of allergies in their body, for instance pollen allergies, dust allergies or perfume allergies could be affected with the snoring habits.
  • Overweight: The pets that are overweight or obese could have troubles of extra tissues blocking their airways, which cause snoring troubles in them.
  • Certain Medications: Various medications such as tranquilizers, pain relievers and muscle relaxers could also cause snoring as the muscles in the throat could loosen up to block the throat.
  • Oral Troubles: The pets which have an abscessed tooth or growth of a lump in the oral cavity could also cause snoring troubles. These troubles could even be signals of some serious future problems and hence should be dealt severely.
  • Sleeping Posture: The position in which your dog sleeps could also cause snoring symptoms as some poses could cause the blockage of nasal cavities.
  • Colds: The seasonal colds, stuffy or runny noses and blockage of wind pipe could also cause snoring troubles in dogs.
  • Passive Smokes: If any of the people, smokes with its pet in close vicinity, this tends to damage its respiratory tract and cause snoring troubles in its body.

Preventing Snoring In Dogs:

When you find your beautiful pooch to be snoring in its slumber, you need to take strict actions to find out the cause and treat the trouble as soon as possible. You could consult a vet and based on his advice, you could use the following methods to control your snoring dog:

  • Clean the bedding and other clothes used by the vet regularly. These could have some stuck particles in them which block its nasal cavity and induce a snoring trait.
  • If your pet is obese, care to offer it a bit more of exercises than simple strolls. Just as obesity could be a reason for your pet’s snore, reducing it to appropriate body-weight could prevent the snoring troubles too.
  • If the snoring habit is due to the sleeping posture of your pet, try to change the posture while it sleeps. The process would take time, but you could eventually expect your pet to get well.
  • A pillow that is kept below the head of your dog could help to elevate its head and stop the snoring symptom in it.
  • Never smoke with your dog present in close vicinity. Passive smoking could have other hoards of troubles apart from snoring.

Additionally, you could also call for surgical treatments and these methods could offer assistance in eliminating the annoying habit of snoring in your pets.