Is Your Dog Frightened of Clipping Its Nails?

Nail-clipping of fearful dog-min

That very sound of your dogs’ nails clinking on to the floor while it walks could be highly irritating. Though the nails are meant for certain purposes, their optimum size is very critical as far as dog grooming is concerned.

You might offer a regular wash to your dog and take care of all its hygiene needs, but if its nails are not clipped in a routines schedule, they could end up hurting you and the dog itself.

You might be aware that young dogs are highly jubilant and could spend most of their time on their legs. As a result, the dirt and germs too, could get secured in its long nails which offer a hoard of disorders to its body.

For such reasons, you need a carful vigilance over the paws and nails of your dogs and if they clink on the floor, it’s high time to perform clipping of the dog’s nails.

While most of the pups and grown-up dogs learn the habit of their nails getting clipped in their due life course, some could show their utter displeasure while you approach them with a nail clipper.

For such pets, the responsibility of the pet-keeper multiplies manifolds and suitable measures are to be taken rather patiently so that you dog could get acquainted with the process.

You could use the following steps to provoke your stern dog for clip of their nails:

Food Rewards and Kibbles: Your dog could always have a crave for palette-relishing kibbles and these could help you out utterly with a disagreeable pet. Before you set out to clip its nails, offer some mouth-watering food material which would keep its attention intact.

Slowly hold one of its paws and pat it well so that it does not run away. Carefully clip the nails with a prescribed clipper while you could give it some more treat in the midst of the work. When you finish the work, again, offer it some treat so that it takes the process to be luring and always gets ready in the future.

Desensitization: The jargon desensitization might sound a bit new but it is rather not. Do you touch your dog’s paw only while you clip its nails? If yes, then the dog has better reasons for being struck panicked when you wish to clip its nails. Every time you touch its paws, it would remember the dread and resist for the process.

For this reason, develop a better relationship by offering your pet a routine pat on its body and legs too; similar to what you do while you clip its nails. Due to this, the dog would get used to the process and would not dread to clip their nails.

Method and Selection of Instrument: This is the most important part and needs to be done carefully. Use only a prescribed dog nail clipper rather than selecting it on your own.

Also be careful of the veins that run into the nails while you clip them. A more-than-the-required cut would snipe the blood circulating veins which is followed by a gush of blood. If this happens, it could literally affect the mental condition of your pet and it might never turn up again for the process.

Therefore, rather than finishing the nail-clipping process in a hurry, give it time. You patient steps for the process could help you every time when you wish to offer a nail cut to your dog.