Is Your Cat’s Skin Changing Its Color?

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Kitties are some of the most beautiful animals of the world that lure you interest with their gorgeous, slim body, extremely wooly fur and their soft nature. This is why the people, who tend to keep them as pets, spend way too much on their appearance.

Cats are required a regular grooming of their body, following the proper cat grooming tips, since these furry animals tend to be highly notorious and bubbly. Though they dislike being in sun for most of the time, they could spend almost the entire day in their beds.

But as you proceed with their nurture as your pet, you may notice a bit of change in color of their dark outside fur. This change in the color of their fur could be an indication of whole lot of things and there could be several reasons associated with it too.

Let us discuss a bit about the skin conditions of your cat and what leads to the change in its skin color in due course of its life. We would cover the following major heads:

  • Your Kitty And Its Skin Shade
  • Causes Of Change In Its Skin Color
  • Types Of Changes

The Skin Shade Of Your Cat:

Just as all the other living beings do, the skin and hair color of your cats are genetically determined. A cat that belongs to a particular breed is more likely to occur with the same spots and shades.

These shades in its body are determined by melanocyte cells in its body, present in the skin and hair follicles. When your cat’s body is exposed to the sun, these cells produce a substance known as melanin which produces color. But since the color of your cat’s body turns from dark to light, the case could be exactly opposite in them from the humans.

The color of the body could even be determined by the temperature of the environment which influences the actions of enzymes helping in skin color determination. This is why the cats that reside in warmer regions tend to be lighter in shade, in comparison to those who reside in cooler places and have darker shades on their body.

Causes Of Changes In Skin Color:

The skin color changes in cats could mainly be decided due to the following factors:

  • Temperature: As already mentioned, the temperature of the environment could be a deciding factor for the color of your cat’s skin. For instance, some cats may tend to obtain a darker shade in winters, apart from their normal, light color in summers. Additionally, the body temperature of the cats could also determine the color of its skin and fur. The skin of their body is cooler at places such as tail, feet or ears and this is why these parts are a bit dark in shade.
  • Sun: You may find it hard to digest but sunrays could greatly influence your cat’s skin tone. If you have a dark colored of black cat and it is fond of lying in the sun, it is no surprise that you find its dark coat bleached in some time
  • Nutrition: The diet and nutrition of a cat could also lead to change in the color of your cat’s body. For instance, if your cat is deficient of a type of amino acid known as thyrosine, you may find that the black color of your cat would change to slightly reddish. This is due to the fact that thyrosine in their body is responsible to make melanin (the dark pigment present in the skin), which lends it its characteristic ebony shade. Other deficiency symptoms such as deficiency of minerals copper and zinc etc. may also lead to fading of your cat’s dark color.
  • Reactions, Allergies And Insect Bites: If your cat is allergic to some plant or product or if it encounters some medicine reaction, you could always experience a change in the color of its skin or fur. For instance, a cat that has been recently vaccinated could always have the symptoms of temporary color changes in its skin. Additionally, insect bites may also cause a change in its normal body color.
  • Age: Almost like humans, many of the cats may show a characteristic gray coloration in their skin and fur, which leads to fading of their skin color. Though, the conditions are notice mainly in dark-furred cats.

Kinds Of Changes In Your Cat’s Color:

Changes in the color of the cats could be in various kinds and many of these could even be the indication of disorders in their body. Some of these are as follows:

  • Patches, Large and Dark: If your light-colored cat encounters dark patches which are comparatively larger in size, you could require the assistance of a vet. These patches could be an indication of some serious trouble in their body, for instance, immune disorders, tumors and cancers cause patches on the skin.
  • Small Spots: Your cat could even encounter small, colored spots on its body which could be indications of various conditions. For instance, acne etc. on their skin is mild age conditions that subside in the due course of her age. If you find these conditions to be infectious or containing the attack of some microbes, always care to take the assistance of your vet for the process.
  • Changes All Over The Body: If your cat experiences a sudden change in the skin color over the entire body span, this could be an indication of some serious trouble in its body. Some of the conditions that lead to this effect are Cushing’s disease, hypothyroidism, allergies, jaundice and inflammations etc. A vet’s referral is highly critical at this stage as color change in their body could accompany various other symptoms too.

All you need to do in such cases is keep a close watch on their skin color and if you find even a slightest change in its color, you could consult your regular vet for the probable causes and solutions, which you could obtain to replenish their astounding beauty.