Is Your Cat Sleeping Way Too Much?

cats sleeping habits

Your purring mate is probably a live ball of fur with which you would always love to play. Cats themselves are very playful by their nature and could always demand attention from their owners. But what if you find your cat sleeping more than what you have anticipated?

Sleepy Nature Of Cats:

What you classify to be excess, might just be natural in the case of cats. When you ask the experts, they would say that cats could sleep almost for two-third part of the day. This means that an average cat, with all its body parts working properly, would sleep about 16 hours in a day which has 24.

So instead of treating it to be a disorder, sleeping habits of cats is considered totally natural. Some obese cats and other kittens may extend their sleeping time to about 20 hours in a single day. This could be due to the age of the cat, the excess deposition of body fat or its self-controlling nature.

But generally, these sleeping habits are not a reason to get worried for most of your pet cats.

Why Cats Sleep So Much?

Cats are one of the family members of wild animals that you view mostly in jungles. These predators have the natural psychology to hunt for food and prey mostly at night.

Though the house cats have been domesticated among the humans since the ancient times, the wild streak of the animals continues to retain its place. This is why they could rather be more active when it is dark and rest to save their energy when the sun is out.

Moreover, the period when the cats are mostly active are dawn and dusk, which means they would sleep for most parts of the day but would become active when the sun is about to set. So you need not get surprised if after the breakfast, your kitty disappears and is found in a deep slumber on its cozy bed.

Rainy and Cold Days:

It is absolutely not a shocker that when weather conditions are not suitable, cats could spend almost the entire of their day on bed. Similar to the humans, the sleeping pattern of the cats is also governed greatly by their age, body-weight, size and weather conditions. But in comparison, cats sleep twice as much as humans.

On a cold day with freezing temperatures or on a day with light or heavy drizzles, cats could extend their sleeping routine, more than they did normally.

Sleeping Patterns:

The cat slumber too could be light or tight, but which varies greatly with the time. Most of the times, the cat would be in a light slumber and could spring up in a moment when it is required.

The tight sleep of the deep slumber could occur anytime, but lasts for about 15 minutes to half an hour.

Therefore, if your kitty is away from play and resting comfortably on its bed, it is generally not a notion to get concerned. It is basically following the normal routine to get rest and allow proper functioning of its body.