How to Clean Your Pet’s Ears Safely?

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Ask yourself. Forget about pets. Do human ears require a regular cleanup and care of their ears? Why so?

It is because ears are one of the sensory organs in humans and without the services of these you would be in a completely dumb world. Regular cleaning of human ears is highly critical because of the ear wax, dust and germs which dwell in these organs, could prove highly irritating.

When these are so important for the humans, the pets such as kitties which you possess are also in prime requirement of ear cleanups.

Generally, the need to clean your cat’s ears depends on the cat’s grooming habits and environment and it varies according to it. Many of the cats could possess self-grooming abilities due to which, they barely need regular care of the ears but at the same time, some could not be that meticulous and hence require a rigorous cleanup of their ear to prevent infections.

If you view ear wax, debris or dirt in the close vicinity of ears, probably it’s time for your kitty to get its ears cleaned. With the regular cleanups and checking, you could easily examine any building ear symptom and thus, could offer it timely medication and care.

How To Determine That Your Cat Has Ear Infections:

As a cat owner, you have to carefully look at the symptoms which result due to ear infections in cats. The following symptoms could show that your cat could have ear infections:

  • Discharge From Ears: Infections could result in excessive discharge from the ears in the form of wax or liquid materials. Sometimes, blood might also appear.
  • Stinky Odor: If your cat emits foul odor from its ears, it could possibly be a sign of ear infections.
  • Scratching of Rubbing of Ears by the Cat: If you view your cat using its paw to scratch or rub its ears excessively, it could be a clear signal of some ear issue.
  • Redness: The ear canals could show redness, which indicates infections in the ears.
  • Sensitivity or Pain in the Ears: Infections are said to occur if ear tends to be extremely sensitive or painful.
  • Swelling in the Ears: If the ears of cats are swelled, these are clear signals of infections.
  • Presence of Lumps: If lumpy masses are to be found growing in the ears, infections are said to be building in the organ.

How To Keep Your Cat Away From Infections:

The most convenient method to keep the infections away is, regular cleaning of your cat’s ear, especially if you notice the ear wax amassed in the organ.

For normal periodical cleanup, prefer the usage of a mild ear cleaner which are specially designed for the cats. It is advised by the vets to avoid usage of alcohol, vinegar or hydrogen peroxide into the ears of cats as these substances could cause irritations in ear canal, especially if there are chances of inflammations in the ears of cats.

There are various types of ear cleaners available for the pets. For instance, ear cleaners which break the ear wax inside and the ones which make the ears dry after their usage. Some of the pet owners prefer to use both of them in appropriate quantities.

You could take the help of your vet by telling them the body conditions, to choose the best kind of ear cleaner for your cat.

How To Clean Your Dog’s Ears:

Your cat should be accustomed to the ear cleaning procedure and it is to be taught the habits, right from the start.

To begin with the ear cleaning process, you need to prepare your cat for the process. If you find some masses of hair in or around the earlobes, cut them off with utter carefulness. These hair could accumulate dirt, germs and debris which could pose problems while cleaning ears of your cats.

If your cat possesses hair in the ear canals, these are to be cut with the help of an expert. Do not insert any sharp object inside the ears of your cat as these could lead to terrible consequences.

After the process has been performed, carry on with the next step. Cleaning of ears is a sensitive matter and hence should be followed with utter gentleness.

Pour a small amount of ear cleaning solution into the ears of your cat. It should be enough to fill the canal but not so much that it overflows. Gently massage the base of the ears for about 10 seconds so that the liquid penetrates deep inside the ear canals. As it happens, you would probably hear a squishing sound around the ears.

This is a normal with the liquid solution. Take care that this does not causes pain in the ears. As it happens, repeat the process with the other ear too.

After The Treatment Step:

As the solution makes its place in the ear canals, leave the pet so that it stands up and shakes its head. Due to this, the softened wax would come out of the ear canals. You could make use of soft cotton balls to clear the wax which appears to be thrown out from the ears. If you have a baby-kitty, you could use a smaller cotton ball which renders the condition comfortable.

While using the cotton ball too, you have to remain utterly careful so that the cat does not get hurt. You have to keep the head of the cat very still, so that the process receives no disturbance.

Also, do not take the cotton ball too deep inside the ear canals of the pet as it could cause an extreme pain and damage to the eardrums. The cat could also turn deaf if it receives a serious ear injury during ear cleaning.

All you need to remember is that ears are one of the most sensitive organs of the body and hence these are to be handled rather safely. If you are unable to do the process yourself, take the help of a specialist ear cleaning person.