Importance Of Conditioning Your Dog After Bathing

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Bathing your dog could be a tedious job. For those who dislike getting wetting, while you wash your dog, you have all the chances of being wetter than your dog. Also, if you have a mischievous pet dog, it would turn your bathroom into a grimy space as soon as it begins plunging in water.

But the other side of the coin says that bathing is an utmost necessary step in dog grooming which is not only essential for its appearance but also holds the key to health and hygiene of the pet.

Bathing does not require too many products. Most of the people would only use only water and shampoo for the process. Partially correct, shampoo is capable of removing all sorts of impurities and foreign particles of its body, but after-shampoo conditioners are also the essential products in the bathing need of your pet.

Importance of Conditioners:

As you apply and rinse shampoo on the body of your pet, it causes an opening of the hair shaft in which many particles tend to enter, while the moisture in the pet’s body could also escape out. Applying of conditioners would help it to close the open shaft and thus the body of pets would remain hydrated, have the required amount of moisture and elasticity.

Your pet’s hair could also experience dryness and wither due to loss of moisture, brushing, dematting and petting due to which the hair of the body are subjected to damage.

Using the conditioners would help in restore the lost moisture so that the hair always remain in a smooth state and possess all the luster and charm they had earlier.

Body Conditions Which Require Conditioning:

  • If you have a dog which possesses long hair on its coat, probably, you would require conditioning your dog’s body more than the others. These long hair are highly susceptible to tangles and mattes which could involve pain while resolving.

Use of conditioners would help you to easily remove mattes and tangles so that you could brush your dog’s coat effortlessly.

  • If you offer your dog a bath more than once a month, conditioners would be required after it, as more of wash could lead to depletion of essential oils and moisture which the conditioner could help to restore for a trouble-free skin.
  • Even if your dog has some skin trouble such as itchy skin or dryness etc. you would offer to wash it more frequently. More of wash means more of use of shampoo and in turn, more loss of moisture from the body of your dog. In this too, the use of conditioners after shampoo could play a critical role in its grooming.

Inculcating the use conditioners after shampoo could lead to lesser troubles in the coat of your dog and thereby, keep the outer coat healthy and glowing.

Before buying any sort of conditioners, it is better to view the ingredients of the same, so that they do not trouble the skin of your dog. Always give a shot to the natural ones and do not hesitate to ask the vet for the same.