How To Tidy Up Your Kitty’s Appearance

kitty tidy-min

A universal truth resides in the fact, ‘like master, like slave’, as said by Edwin D. Bael. By the statement, he meant that whatever is the condition of the master so is the condition of the serf living with him. If the condition of the lord is nice, so is of the servant and vice versa. In the similar context, we could also denote the conditions of a pet and a pet-keeper. In what condition is the pet, neat or dirty, presentable or not, trained or manner-less, is all upon the master to the pet. If the pet is worthy of being presented and has a subtle behavior, it not only increases your respect as a pet keeper but also enhances your self-confidence.

When it comes to making your kitty tidy, it could be a tedious and weary job. But with the help of some quick cat grooming tips, you could complete the task well, without even getting sick of the process.These tips are:

Cutting Hair of Your Cat:

Your cat may be conscious of cutting its hair and may not get into the process so easily. In such a case, it is your responsibility to lure it into it.This could be done with the help of pampering it by patting its back and head or feeding it, before every such process.The tips to cut the hair of a cat are:

  • Gather all the articles and gadgets that are needed for the process well in advance. You could need things such as a trimmer, scissors, a towel, comb etc.
  • Let the cat lay down on its stomach. Start cutting hair around its head, legs, tail, and back so that they are in an even appearance. Carefully cut the loosely held fur to make it even.
  • After this make way for the hair around the eyes, ears, and stomach making sure, you don’t get too close to the sensitive areas.
  • If you find any hair entangled, try to sort them out with the comb and if not possible, snip them off.
  • Brush the cat after the process, so that no hair lies loose on the coat. If necessary, give your cat a bath after it.
  • Reward your cat after this so that next time, it does not give you a tough time.

Trimming Nails of Your Cat:

The nails of a cat are generally very sharp, which it uses to climb trees or catch small animals. These if long, could even hurt the master of the pet. Therefore, the need is to snip them off before it could hurt you, or tear your couch etc. Some tips to the process are as follows:

  • Get a nail clipper of prescribed size that suits your kitty well. Make sure it is sharp enough.
  • Rest your cat in a comfortable position and hold its paw, gently rubbing and cuddling it.
  • Slowly and gently, cut the nails up to the point that it does not hurt the nerves that run into the nails. These are shown by pinkish areas on the outer part of the nails.
  • If necessary, rub the nails with a filer to make them even. Wash them if necessary.

With the help of above processes of cat grooming, you could make your kitty presentable with neat outer appearance. Be careful! Do not do the process in haste. Your kitty may run away, leaving your place and process at stake.