How to Groom Your Bird Pet At Home?

Groom Your Bird Pet

Who doesn’t like pets? Who doesn’t like bird as a pet? Everybody loves the chirp of bird at their home. After all day’s tiring work, a chirp of your pet makes you feel refreshing again. It is like somebody is waiting for you to come at home. Your bird feels happy when it sees you coming. So, undoubtedly birds are something which we all love, but it is not an easy task to groom them the way they should be. In this article, we will discuss about the proper method of how a bird should be groomed as a pet.

There are few things which will surely help to keep your bird happy and healthy. It is very important to understand what your bird wants at particular time. For example, some birds like to bathe while some don’t. We will go one by one in brief to understand why these activities are necessary to maintain you lovely bird-pet at home.

  • Bathe to a Birdy

Bathe your bird in the warmest part of the day to ensure they do not easily gets chilled after being wet.Some birds likes to bathe by their own on certain opportunities. You can see them bathing happily. One thing to be noticed here is we should not reuse the water inside which the bird has taken the bath. You can use another fresh bowl of water to bathe your bird on a daily basis. Sometimes it might happen that your bird doesn’t have mood to get bathed. To overcome this, you can apply other methods for the same.

Normal tap water is probably good water because it doesn’t have the other additives, but instead you can use fresh filtered water. One thing that should be given importance here is not allowing your bird to drink the same water in which it is bathing. It is pretty obvious that we need to use a water tube for water drinking and a bathing bowl for bathing. So that bird cannot drink the same water in which it baths.

  • Taking Care of Feathers

Feathers are something which shows how beautiful a bird is. Taking care of feathers, maintaining its colours, washing the feathers properly are not something everybody knows.

If you find dirt, strain on bird’s any part of the body like legs or on feathers; you should not pull it off hard. Instead take lukewarm water which can help soften the part of the birdy and then can easily remove off.

Generally, birds do not allow their feathers to get soaked. Flight impairment and loss of body heat can be the reasons for the same. You should find your bird’s comfort zone. While bathe of a bird, you should take care of their feathers too. Birds grasp feathers and draw through bills. They try to Straighten and arrange with their bills. These all activities should be done in order to take care of bird’s feathers which is such a marvellous thing in a bird.

  • Clipping the Wings

Wing clipping of a bird should be done on a certain period of time. It can be painless procedure to them if it performs properly. Different birds have their different techniques of clipping the wings according to their shape, colour and size.

The most common clip is trimming the primary flight feathers below the level of primary coverts. That may cause a bird to chew on many cut feathers.

Cutting the flight feathers above level of coverts is another simple method of clipping the wings.

If clipping should not be done in proper way, the bird might get injured or it can cause to a death too.

  • Trim the Nails

You need to be very careful while cutting nails of your bird. It’s a necessary job for owner to trim or clip bird’s nails. Just ask somebody how he felt when his bird scratched him. But it is not only a reason to trim the nails but also it helps in preventing foot problems with bird. You can manipulate you bird by talking softly while doing this task. It reassures him that you are doing some work that is good for himself.

While trimming, only the tip of the bird’s nail should be trimmed. You should cut only the sharp tip which is pointed to avoid cutting into quick and causing pain for bird. You need to work quickly and carefully while doing this activity as bird generally doesn’t like to get those cut.

So, the reason why you should trim quickly and accurately is your bird feels exhausted by the time of trimming.

  • Trimming Beak

Not all birds need this. You should understand first which is right time and what is the reason of doing this. A well cared bird with an average beak does not need to trim beak. In case of changed shape of your pet, you should take your pet to the vet for trimming.

Trimming can be one of the reasons for your pet’s pain. You should consult a vet from Association of Avian Vets directory. Of course, you should ask your questions to vet same like we asks questions to our doctor. First and for must thing is your pet should not be anesthetized by vet.

Watching this procedure very closely is a sign of a good owner. The beak should be trimmed by vet until she can see white dots on the flat surface. Therefore it is very obvious and recommended to do this activity on a black surface.

Your pet will surely need a good amount of time to recover. Soft foods with water (Before Serving) are highly recommended. Other fruits, vegetables and sprouted seed can be fed too.

  • Cleaning Nest

You must have seen some good birders who care their birds by feeding them time to time, talking to them every now and then to make them feel like their home, but they do not clean their nests time to time that results into a disease, stink and many more problems.

Ideally a bird’s house should be cleaned after nesting brood has completely fledged. There are several steps that you should follow while cleaning their home.

After opening bird’s house, some hinged roofs or removable fronts are the easiest to clean quickly. You should remove all old nesting materials and scrap out the clumped matter.

After doing so, scrub the house completely with a bleach solution. All corners should be scrubbed, specially the entrance Hole. Rinse the house in clean warm water for several minutes so that all traces of bleach can be removed.

In order to break down any remaining chlorine, dry the house in full sun. After all these activities if you find any issue like ventilation, you should drill additional holes to provide extra air to birdy. Also clean the hook where the house of bird is positioned to remove any pets and bacteria from that particular area. We hope these tips will help your bird pet to remain healthy, safely, bacteria-free!!!!