How To Find A Lost Pet?

How To Find A Lost Pet-min

Generally, pets such as dogs and cats are highly faithful to their master and do not easily run away. Also, their chances of getting lost due to the negligence from  the master are very low.

Still, there are innumerable reported and unreported cases of the pets that get lost every day. They may run away on their own or are beingcarried away by some hooligan that may have the intention of selling them further. Apart from this a number of cases have been reported of the pets that get lost while travelling with their masters.

Here, we would be discussing a few reasons why the pets get lost and the methods you could use to find your lost pet. This includes the following topics:

  • Reasons why the pets run away or get lost
  • The ways with which you could find your pet

What are the Reasons That Your Pets Get Lost?

There could be various reasons due to which the pets get lost such as:

  • Run-Away Pets: some of the pets may not like the house of their master and seek to find a better place. Due to this, upon a slight opportunity to escape, they could run away from the house of their master.

The reasons could be various such as high level of boredom or seclusion, sexual urges of the unneutered dogs, improper behavior of their master, certain frightening experiences, curiosity of the outer world or in search of their former surroundings if the pet is a new one.

These run-away pets would definitely try to return home after some time but most of them fail to do so. According to the National Council on Pet Population and Policy (NCPPSP), less than 2% of the lost cats and about only 20% of the lost dogs are able to return to their master again.

  • Pets Lost During Travels: If you take your pet with you while you travel, it could get lost if you are negligent of its existence. Many pets are overlooked while they are in a new place with their master and many of them escape from the open car windows while travelling.
  • Pets Lost During Disasters and Accidents: There are a huge number of pets that get lost due to disaster, either natural or man-made. These could also get lost in various accidents that take place frequently.

In 2013, there was a fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas, which offered a huge damage to the town and almost half of the place had to be quickly evacuated. While there was a considerable loss of life and property, there were innumerable pets that went astray.

During natural disasters such as floods, tornadoes and hurricanes etc. too, there are many pets which lose their way and never get to their masters back.

All these incidences prove that pets have all the chances in the world to go missing and therefore, the need to provide them with some sort of identification has risen abruptly.

What are the Methods of Finding the Lost Pets?        

The problem of rising lost of pets has given rise to the methods which could be used to recover you loved mates. Some of the methods to find the lost pets are as follows:

Dog Identification Tags and Collars:These are perhaps the easiest methods of differentiating a pet from other. Suppose, if two masters have the same variety of dogs which are similar in body structure, these ID tags and collars on the neck of dogs would help the master in easily identifying the pets.

A variety of dog collars are available in the market according to the size of pets. You could bring one of these keep it as an identification mark for your pet. Many retail and online stores too, sell these dog and cat collars which your pet would wear with pride.

Nowadays, there is a system of getting your dog’s name written on metal or plastic pieces, which you could hang with the collar of your pet. These kinds of personal accessories would certainly help you in recovering your pet when it gets lots.

If Your Dog Resists Wearing A Collar: Dogs may dislike the notion of their throat being contained in a collar. For this, the master has to lure the pet for the process. Introduce it with a collar that utters some musical noise such as a jingling bell.

You could also offer to place the collar for some time and remove it after that. This could be continued, for several times till it develops a liking for the same.

Sometimes the tag on the collar could also pose problems to the pet and hence these need to be chosen carefully. Instead of the tag, you could stick a nameplate that could be riveted to the collar. This could also include your latest telephone number.

Care should be taken that the space is adequate between the collar and the throat. It should neither be too tight that the throat gets choked and nor should it be loose enough to fall down.

Dog License:

There is an increasing trend of getting license for your pets. These have gained popularity as these are the legal documents of your pets and the government of the province could also have a record of where your pet belongs to, if it is lost or found somewhere.

License are said to be the visible form of identification. You have the choice of applying for a pet license in your municipality either for a year or for lifetime with the designated fee.

When you apply for a license, they would require every bit of information about you and your pet. This information is kept as a record in the government offices and pets are offered a unique identification number. This identification number is very handy and plays a very critical role in finding your pet if it gets lost.

One you are done with the paperwork and the designated fees is paid, you have a legal right to keep that pet for the aforementioned period.

Micro-Chipping Methods:

Micro-chipping is a highly unique method to attach permanent identification with your pet. It involves a very simple procedure which is performed by a vet.

A vet may insert a very small microchip (about the size of a rice grain) somewhere in the surface of the skin of your pet. This process hardly takes any time and you pet would certainly not mind it if it is in regular touch with the vet. There is no involvement of any kind of anesthetic in this.

Microchips provide a permanent identification to your pets. Once required, these could be read with the help of a microchip scanner by placing it just above the chip. The scanner gives out a low radio frequency with which the microchips’ unique code could be read easily and you lost pet could be found.

According to a study at Ohio State University, the cats which had microchips, had 20 times more chances to return while the micro-chipped dogs had 2.5 times more chances of returning to their master.

While your pet is provided with a microchip, it is the responsibility of a master to keep their information up to date. This could dearly help you in recovering your pets if unfortunately they get lost due to some bad consequences.

Pet Tattoos:

These are among the latest trends of inscribing identification marks on the body of your pets. In this, you could choose a unique drawing that could be tattooed on the body of pets. This work is to be done by an expert tattoo artist who has utmost knowledge about the tattoos on animals.

These may prove to be ineffective due to the reasons that your pet does not allow its body to be pierced. The pain in placing the tattoo on its body could also agitate the pet.

Besides, these tattoos tend to wither away and fall of with the increase in hair of the body of pets. In such condition the identification of a particular type of tattoo could be difficult. Therefore the tattoo method of recognizing the pet generally not considered for the pets unless the breed of dog is big enough or your dog is particularly hairless.

With all the methods mentioned above, you could have a unique identification for your pets which are needed at necessary times. A considerate master would never want to lose his or her dear pet at any cost.

In fact, nobody would love the notion that their pet wanders homeless at a completely unknown place without having any option for its nourishment. While it has offered to live with you at your dwelling unit, it becomes your prime responsibility to look after it in all its needs.

When it loses its track and gets lost, then too, the master has to give every shot to the ways with which your pet could be recovered back. In this regards, these pet identification techniques could be really helpful in finding your lost pet.