How To Eradicate The Chewing Habits In Dogs

Dogs Chewing Habits-min

There are some natural habits in a dog which it inherits from its forefathers. Habits such as digging the ground, running after the birds, running in circles to catch its tail and licking of wounds in the body need not to be learned by a dog. These could said to be more of a natural instinct.

Among these, one of the prominent qualities of a dog is to chew different kinds of articles while it is at home. Due to this quality, the dog could use its teeth to chew objects such as shoes, belts, bed sheets, towels and other hoard of materials that it finds luring.

Here, in this article, we are going to discuss about this chewing habits of dogs and the methods which could be used to eliminate this chewing habit of theirs. This is in regards with the following topics:

  • What are the causes of chewing habits in dogs?
  • What are the methods which could be used to correct the chewing habits?

What Are The Causes Due To Which Dogs Chew Articles?

There could be various reasons due to which the dogs could chew products such as:

  • Teething Problems: These problems are normally found in young dogs that have any kind of problem with their teeth such as emerge of new teeth, itchy sensation in teeth, pain in teeth, plaque buildup or any kind of gum problem in the mouth.

Contrary to the human beings, the dogs are not efficient to use their paws in eliminating disorders from their teeth. Therefore, they use their teeth to chew different kind of products and get relieved from the pains.

  • Hunger: If the dog is hungry and not provided with timely food it tends to chew any other material that might not serve its purpose of filling the stomach. Sometimes the ineffective amount of food may also force the dog to chew materials and satisfy its crave for food.
  • Boredom or Loneliness: When the dogs are lonely and have nothing to do, they tend to chew items such as shoes etc.
  • Anxiety or Discomfort: If the dog is not comfortable with the surroundings it lives in, it could contain itself in a quiet place and develop the habit of chewing products.
  • Out of Fear or in Need of Attention: Dogs could chew products when they want to attain attention from their master. They could also develop the chewing habit when they are in extreme fear.
  • Natural Instinct: As already mentioned, it is the natural habit of a dog that forces it to chew products.

What Are The Methods Which Could Be Used To Prevent The Chewing Habits In The Dogs?

You would certainly not love the notion that while you return home from work, you find your favorite shoes being chewed up by your dog or your dog has chewed up your expensive curtains, highly obsessed with its chewing habits.

Therefore, you are required to remove this habit out of your dog so that it does not harm your household and even does not hurt its body. You could use the following methods:

  • Be Vigilant of its Presence: Always keep an eye on the dog while it stays in an area that is full of chewable items. If it is trying to offer something to its mouth, carefully remove the item and keep it out of reach.
  • Do not Leave it Free While Alone: when you need to leave your dog all alone in the house, keep it in a secure place that is devoid of chewable items. You could also leash the dog.

It is seen that dogs develop a habit of chewing articles due to boredom. While it hurts your domestic articles, it could also render harms to the body of pets.

  • Leave Your Scent Behind: While you leave your dog alone in the house for a longer period, offer it its favorite plaything such as a nylon bone etc. This would keep your dog engaged. You could also leave the television or radio on with silent soothing music playing. This could have a great effect on the anxiety of dog which begins chewing when anxious.
  • Pet-Proof Your House: The key method which could be used to prevent chewing is keeping all the chewable items in a secure place. Materials such as shoes, kids’ toys, rubber hose, bottles and bags etc. should not appear in vicinity, close to your pets.

You could also contain your pet to a place that is away from dangerous materials.

Dog Grooming: Puppies have a chewing habit by birth and therefore, it is the responsibility of the master to groom them properly with their chewing habits. But before they reach the stage where their grooming is complete, it should be made sure that they get no articles to use their teeth on.

Clean its Teeth in a Scheduled Manner: Many of the dogs develop chewing habits due to certain problems in their mouth or teeth. Though regular brushing of dog’s teeth could eliminate most of the problems, you could meet a vet to find out other invisible disorders in its teeth.

If it is due to any natural cause such as emerging of new teeth, you could offer it some chewable toys that help in the growth and strengthening of its teeth.

Regular Exercise: With the help of regular exercises, you could increase the metabolism in the body of dogs. Due to this, there are less chances of it being deprived of energy and lesser lethargic conditions are experienced, which eliminate its chances of chewing products.

Give Your Dog the Required Amount of Time: If you do not want that dogs develop chewing habits due to loneliness, offer it appropriate time to play with you. This could greatly eliminate the chances of chewing products.

While it could be called as a natural inclination, chewing habits could certainly harm your pets in the future. These are all the more perilous if your dog chews something poisonous.  Therefore, follow ‘Prevention is better than cure’ habit and help your dog get away from its chewing inclinations.