How Organic Vinegar Could Prove Handy For The Pet Owners

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Used almost every day in your culinary preparations, vinegar could have all sorts of names and properties. These are according to the natural products from which it is derived and its usage in specific products. For instance, apart from culinary preparations, the organic apple cider vinegar has a whole lot of applications in the household chores.

If you possess a pet such as a dog or cat, you would be required to take the greatest care of them, following all the pet grooming tips effectively. And just as you use vinegar for your household purposes, this organic liquid could be highly handy for the pets as well.

Some of the applications that organic vinegars could serve for your pet are as follows:

Digestion Aid Of The Pet:

Almost all the pets are fed with grain-based foods which could be troublesome in digestion and raise the level of pH in their inner body. A spoonful of organic apple cider vinegar if added to the food of your pet would help it to keep the pH level of the body constant and aid in digestion due to healthy sustenance of useful bacteria.

You could grind some healthy veggies with the vinegar and keep them in the refrigerator. A spoonful of this solution too could be added to your pet’s food to increase the nutrients.

Additionally, you could also mix a bit of vinegar in their drinking water, making sure to keep another bowl of clean water, so that the dogs could drink from the other bowl if they dislike the former’s taste.

Skin and Fur Aids:  

Vinegar could be effectively used to groom the outer skin and fur of your dog. A mixture containing vinegar and water, mixed in equal proportions, could be filled in a spray bottle. This homemade spray could be effectively used externally to get rid of bad odors from its body and suppressing the attack of ticks and fleas. Even the addition of vinegar in its food could be helpful to disdain the attack of insects.

Additionally, if you pet suffers due to some skin trouble such as hotspots or acne, this antibacterial spray could help to relieve the same.

Ear Cleaning:

An equal-proportioned mixture of water and vinegar could be used to clean your pet’s ear. All you need to do is wet a clean cotton ball and gently wipe the visible area, without going too deep inside.

If your pet’s ears are extremely sensitive, care to dilute the solution a bit more to reduce its acidity.

Urinary Tract Infections:

The antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of organic vinegars could offer it to be favorable for treatment of Urinary Tract Infections. However, before taking any step further, you need to consult your vet and get your pet’s body tested. This would ensure the extent of the condition and also get you the proper solution for the trouble.

Additionally, you could also use the product to clean your house messes and odors in your rooms that linger due to the presence of pets.