How Important Is It To Douse A Dear Pet?

Douse a dear pet-min

Now this is clearly something, which is utterly obvious. Look into those twinkling eyes of your four-legged mate who is fully dependent on you for its food, water, shelter and hygiene, while it is living with you on to a place belonging to you. Won’t you feel pity, if it is licking a part of its body to clean itself, or itching on to its body to get rid of fleas and germs that accumulate on its coat? You definitely would. So why not care for a quick wash-up and clean-up to rejuvenate your lethargic and grimy pet using some valuable pet grooming tips.

Now the questions that arise here are what is good for your pet and what is not in terms of grooming it? Is your pet likely to show interest in the cleaning activities, or will it mock at you by running away, while you show up with the equipments to tidy up its physical appearance? The answers to these questions entirely lie with you, as you are solely responsible for the well-being of your mate, which once chose you to become its master.

Next, you would think of a varied amount of goods and equipments, so that your pet gets the best of all it can in the cleaning process and at the same time gets a superb experience, for which it would crave more in the past.

Here, I am going to discuss some important tips regarding the cleaning act of your pet to check, if the process followed by you regarding the same is good enough or not:

  • First and foremost, do not set up a tussle or force it to get a bath. If it is not interested, hold it some other time. Try to make the process as appealing as it could be, so that slowly and steadily, it makes a move itself in the process.
  • Before getting it wet, with a clean cloth or brush, brush-out any loose dirt or tangles of its hair, which may interfere with the cleaning process.
  • Use a vessel, fitting the size of your pet; may it be a puppy, fully grown dog or a cat. Using the wrong sized vessel may make your pet feel uneasy while bathing.
  • For drenching the coat of your pet, use a mug, pouring water slowly on it or you could even use a hand-held spray that does the process in an utmost appropriate time.
  • Use a shampoo suiting the pH of its skin. Wide varieties of these wash-materials are available for the purpose. It is your responsibility to choose the right one. Apply the shampoo on to its skin and let it work for some time, simultaneously rubbing the skin with your hand.
  • In the process, mind the basics of not letting the shampoo particles go into its eyes or ears. These may offend them a great deal afterwards.
  • Carefully rinse the shampoo with water, so that every single particle gets washed off and does not prove an irritant afterwards. Repeat the process of shampooing if necessary.
  • Dry the body of your pet with a clean towel or use a blow dryer with optimum temperature. Pets like dogs and cats have an inherited habit of shaking themselves to dry.
  • Take care they do not walk with wet feet on slippery ground lest slipping and hurting them would make the experience bitter.
  • Once they are dry, brush their coat with utmost care. Tangles on the coat can cause an irritation.

Now you are ready with a brand new pet, devoid of its filthy appearance and the one, everyone would love to cuddle with. Why would anybody want his or her pet to be unclean, if you could use such simple pet grooming tips to enhance and enchant its appearance?

To douse a dear pet-min