How Frequently Should I Bathe My Dog?

dog bath-min

This is one of the most prominent questions that dog-keepers generally ask the vets as bathing is one of the hygienic necessities for a dog.

While human beings follow a bathing schedule of atleast once a day, it is generally not recommended for the pets, especially your dogs. The modern technology has offered full-fledged bathing products for your pets too, which are at par with the humans.

While using all those dog shampoos and conditioners in a schedule could enhance its beauty, more than the stipulated use could render it many kinds of side effects which hamper the functioning of its body. Using these products without limits could deprive your dog’s body off Sebum which is skin-moisturizing oil, naturally present in their body.

Excessive loss of the essential oils could result in skin troubles which you do not want to get developed in its body.

Therefore, you should always be careful of the bathing schedule of your dog which could vary according to its living conditions. Some of the conditions which could influence its bathing requirements are:

Indoor And Outdoor Living Condition:

if your dog is living inside your house, it is less susceptible to the dirt and hence bathing it once a week would generally be adequate for its hygiene.

For the outdoor living dogs, you could probably wash them twice a week, the condition depending highly upon the environment it lives in.

Breed Of The Dog:

For the dogs that have long hair, bathing them once week is a necessity as dirt and fleas highly accumulate in the long hair of the dog. For other breeds such as Shelties and Collies, they have harsh-textured hair which literally repels the dirt and germs. Bathing them even once in a month could keep their hygiene process going without troubles.

Skin Symptoms:

Dogs’ skin is highly vulnerable to a hoard of irritants such as dust, germs, microbes, insects and parasites which get absorbed in its body. As a result they could cause various skin dilemmas such as rashes, infections, flakiness and hair loss.

For dogs undergoing such conditions, you could wash them two to four times a week, but with mild shampoo and conditioner.

Activities Of The Dog:

For a highly jubilant dog that rolls on the dust and grass, and leaves no stone unturned in getting itself dirty, bathing could rather be a regular affair.

Examine your dog’s body well. If brushing and combing its coat could help you out in the matter, schedule the bathing for once a week. Otherwise, you could also wash your dirty dog twice or maybe thrice a week.

A Dog-Allergic Family Member In Your House:

If any member of your family is allergic to the dogs, you could bathe your dog as often as possible since according to the American Lung Association, washing it more than once a week would wash off the dander on its skin, which cause irritation.

Bathing your dog in a scheduled manner would not only enhance its natural beauty but also offer it a long life. Therefore, plan your dog’s bath well and keep away all the unnecessary elements that hover to affect its body.