How Fleas On Dogs Are Prevented Using Apple Cider Vinegar?

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Fleas are the nasty insects that are too troublesome, especially for pets such as cats and dogs. When these get into the body of your dogs, they could accompany with themselves a hoard of troubles, diseases and disorders. Due to this, while you follow all the pet grooming tips, prevention of fleas is also an integral part and should be kept track of.

With this trouble, while you visit vets, they would suggest some sort of medications or body washes that could help in preventing this nuisance. Many of these might contain chemicals which could have some side-effects of their own.

While this scenario exists, the need of the hour is to find some natural flea preventer and now you could make use of natural Apple Cider Vinegar for the needs.

How Apple Cider Vinegar Works On The Body Of Pets?

Apple Cider Vinegar when used on the body of pets does not actually kill the flies. Instead, it creates an environment in which the flies find it unsuitable to thrive and therefore, they tend to leave the body of dogs and stay away.

This natural product is better suited for your pets while you use many other commercial products that may be inorganic in nature. As these products might contain chemicals, they could lead to unpredictable consequences even for the children and other pet owners that stay in a close vicinity to them.

This is the reason, use of natural products is highly recommended for your pets. Apple Cider Vinegar acts as a flea preventer and prohibits these insects to reside in the body of pets.

How is Apple Cider Vinegar Used?

While you pour a bottle of apple cider vinegar over your dog, this might not be a complete solution to remove fleas. Rather, this natural product should be used slowly, in baths, drinking water or spray.

While bathing your dog, you could make use of diluted solution of apple cider vinegar with water to apply all over its body, followed with a rinse. This has the power to prevent flies for a long time.

You could even use a portion of apple cider vinegar to put it into the drinking water of pets. But make sure to use only a very little amount, about a teaspoonful of apple cider vinegar in about a quart of water.

This is because of the pungent and awful taste of the vinegar which repels the dog from drinking it. In fact, your dog may actually not like the solution due to its smells. Therefore, introduce this natural substance in a very small amount.

Apple Cider Vinegar Spray:

If you intent to use apple cider vinegar as a spray, you could mix equal volumes of this product with water in a spray bottle. This blend could be used to spray on the body of pets when you view fleas hovering around its body to discourage them.

You could even use this solution to put off fleas when you take your dogs outside for a walk or you notice fleas on your home articles such as rugs, carpets and couches.

Before spraying this on whole body, test this substance by spraying some over a small portion. If this does nothing to react with the skin, work on other parts as well. Also, be careful not to spray this solution on eyes, nose and ears etc. parts, lest you might find your pet agitated due to this.

The spray could turn out to be even more effective if you mix a few scented oils such as lavender oil or cedar oil etc. which will prevent the odors of vinegar and in turn offer your pet a soothing scent.

Apple Cider Vinegar is a highly natural product that obviously has no side-effects when used in appropriate amounts. Instead of making use of all the inorganic and chemical solutions, this natural product could serve your purpose of removing fleas in a better manner.