How Cat Food Differs From The Dog Food

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The choice for the type of pet you wish to keep in your house could well be dependent on many factors viz. the time you have for the pet, your house conditions, your aesthetics, your family members and other lots of things. Most of you would choose between the breeds of cats and dogs to nurture them at your home.

Dogs have been one of the favorite pets in most parts of the world since the ancient period, but the changing times have seen people rearing cats with the same interest. The increasing number of cats in the U.S. households is a prime example of this fact.

When cats are entirely different from the dogs, just as alphabet ‘A’ differs from alphabet ‘B’, the care required for the two would also necessitate certain district traits, as far as the healthy life of the pets is concerned.

The diet of the cats, which occupies a major portion of cat grooming tips, is also to be kept track of, as it is also somewhat different when you talk about the diet of dogs.

Here are some major differences that are to be well kept in mind when you talk about the food of cats and dogs:

The Protein And Amino Acid Needs For Pets:

Both the cats and the dogs belong to the order ‘Carnivora’, but in real the cats are considered as obligatory carnivorous while the dogs are not. This means that dogs could survive well for their entire life using only the plant-based proteins but cats compulsorily need animal proteins.

In an adult cat’s diet, about one-third of the portion is only occupied by proteins and some portion of this, needs to be animal meat in order keep them hale and hearty.

Proteins are in turn made up of Amino Acids which could be distinctly categorized into 22 types. Some of these amino acids could be processed by the body of pets while the others need to be supplied with the diet.

Taurine is one such Amino Acid which holds a great significance for the body of cats but is insignificant for the dogs. In the absence of Taurine, the cats could have a disordered body with effects of blindness, deafness and heart failure. Therefore, the animal-based diets are essential for the cats to survive well in the long-run.

The Vitamin Needs:

The vitamins are one of the essential components of diet to function well. These are even imperative for the pets. Both the dogs and cats have a good night-vision and require a fair amount of Vitamin A.

While the dogs can convert the beta carotene in their body to Vitamin A, cats are however incapable to do this. This is why, they need to be supplied with simple sources of Vitamin A so that their night-vision is not impaired.

Other very important form of vitamins is Vitamin B1 which is required for a shiny coat, timely appetite, preventing hunched posture, prevention of neurological disorders and seizures etc. In comparison, Cats require about 5 times more Vitamin B1 than dogs to discourage the aforementioned disorders from their body.

The Taste Of Food Items:

It is very obvious that taste of the food could attract or repel anybody and therefore, it has to be considerably well. While you talk of the pets, the cats would rather be inclined towards more of salty food items as compared to the dogs, which prefer sweet ones.

Though the sources to both could lead to unpredictable consequences on their body, a tinge of naturally sweet items such as carrots and naturally salty ones such as sea foods could be a great choice for the pets.

The food of pets could well define their body structure and in turn their behavior. The fuller and more compatible they are with the food, correspondingly well is their body and mental development. Therefore make sure to include all the healthy nutrients in their diet that are imperative for the development of your pets.