Homeopathic Treatment For Pets; Is It Safe?

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Till now, homeopathy was a common remedial mode of treating many resistant body disorders, specifically by human beings. These involved simple, less costly medicines that used to have a very significant effect on any kind of body disorder and that too, without even accompanying side-effects, which are common with the allopathic medicines.

Homeopathy has now extended its roots to provide benefits to the animals and even the pets that we possess such as dogs and cats could be benefitted with this. Animal homeopathy is said to be a branch of alternative medicines, which is gaining popularity with the passage of time. This is due to the inclining interests of individuals towards the alternative medicines.

Homeopathy is founded with a principle that the body of each and every living being (whether it is human or animal), has a self healing ability and the health troubles in humans arise only when this natural healing ability is disturbed or hindered.

It also believes in the principle of ‘like cures like’. For example, if a pet is suffering due to diarrhea, he or she would be supplied with a small amount of substance, mineral, plant extract or medicine that would induce diarrhea. Thus it would trigger the inner healing ability of the pet to treat diarrhea and it would get cured.

Homeopathy And Its Controversy: 

Homeopathy has always remained susceptible to may sorts of controversies as the substances used to treat are derived from herbs, minerals and other natural substances, which are diluted to much an extent that they lose their toxicity. The experts in fact, believe that more diluted the substance used is, the more is its chance of being effective.

The dilution of natural substances would rule out their chances of its offering side-effects to the pet’s body, even when it consists of substances such as bee venom, poison ivy and sulfur etc.

In spite of so many controversies with the homeopathy for pets, the growing number of homeopathic vets around the world, clearly indicates that people are now making way towards this alternative treatment for all kinds of pet disorders.

How Will Homeopathy Treat Your Dog?

Homeopathy consists of more than 2000 distinct kinds of medicines, which are capable to treat the acute and the chronic diseases as well. Basically, each and every disease or disorder which could get in to the body of pets, has some or the other kind of homeopathic treatment to be offered.

The treatment with the homeopathy could differ highly according to the condition of pet, its shape, size and weight etc. This is why the dogs that even have similar kinds of symptoms in their body may experience distinct homeopathic treatments.

All that you would be required to explore is the exact nature of the symptoms, the time period since which it has occurred, and the outcomes which it has led to in the pet. Upon diagnosis of all these symptoms, the vets would decide that which symptom is to be tackled first.

Generally, they try to cure one symptom first and ensure that interferences from medications or treatments are as less as possible.

Homeopathy may appear to be highly efficient, but even this form of medication has some limitations, which are to be kept track. Homeopathy depends on the natural healing capability of body and therefore, if your pet is weak in getting well naturally due to some deficiency or accident, homeopathy might not be an effective option.

Conditions To Be Strictly Followed With Homeopathy:

Just as your follow all the pet grooming tips for the healthy life of your pet, homeopathy too requires various conditions which are to be followed strictly while treating your dog using the mode. Some of these conditions are:

  • Homeopathic medicines are to be offered exclusively and not with any food item. Make sure to give these at least an hour before or after the meals so that the food and the medicines do not repel each other’s presence.
  • Offering any other medication with the homeopathic medicines is strictly prohibited, unless it has been confirmed by the respective homeopathic vet. While the medicines could be given with other external body treatments such as massage, acupuncture and chiropractic therapies etc. these too, should have the confirmation of the concerned vet.
  • Many homeopaths may believe that homeopathy and vaccinations act in contrast and therefore, offer vaccinations with homeopathic medicines only after the vet has approved it for the process.
  • Many Homeopathic medicines may seem to make the condition even worse than before, but vets suggest that these are for small instances and would be followed by a faster recovery.
  • The homeopathic medicines could accompany certain discharges from the body such as eye discharge, nasal discharge, diarrhea and it may also lead to certain behavioral changes in the pets. Though you may get alarmed due to these, vets suggest that these changes are highly normal and indications of your pet getting well.

How To Find A Suitable Homeopathic Vet:

You could take the advice of your near ones that have pets, about the place and address of a suitable homeopathic vet. Even the pet social networking sites and other sites on internet could help you out to find a vet that would offer homeopathic treatment to your pet.

Homeopathy is though a new branch in the field of animals, it has turned to be one of the most effective ones that accompany no side-effects with it. If your pet too has some persistent body trouble which is not getting well, maybe the homeopathy is what could treat your pet out of the trouble it has.