Hear What Your Doggy Speaks

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Have you ever imagined what would the world be like if we lacked the power to communicate? It’s highly dreadful to visualize even the concept of dumbness. The terrible world with no sounds, no notes and no exchange of emotions would not have enabled us to live long. Have you ever imagined what would the world be like if we lacked the power to communicate? It’s highly dreadful to visualize even the concept of dumbness. The terrible world with no sounds, no notes and no exchange of emotions would not have enabled us to live long.

Communication is said to be an indispensable part of a life of every living being. You might not have heard plants speak, but they too communicate with each other and the environment. Animals have their unique way of communication among them, which is highly incomprehensible by the humans. The most intellectual creation of the Almighty-the Human Beings too, has vast methods through which they could exchange their thoughts, ideas, emotions and gestures.

The art of keeping animals as pets is as old as Adam and Eve, which has evolved many a folds with the advancement of time. The present scenario has seen some major changes in the lives of pet, owing to the invention of new ideas and products. But the method to communicate with pets did not develop much change in its basics.

When you have pet dogs at home, it is very necessary to develop a proper communication channel with it, so that it could follow its master well. Though you do not understand what it tries to tell but being accustomed to it each day would teach you all its habits and the ways to communicate with each other.

Taking note of the Behavior:

You have to be keen about the behavior, mannerism and movement of the dog to develop a good understanding with it. There are a number of things that need to be observed such as:

  • Try to understand the change in sound when the conditions are dissimilar. Dogs would bark with full energy when they are perfectly healthy or would utter painful sounds when there are disorders in their body.
  • Track the movement of your pet. Does it move perfectly well or there is some sort of defect in it. If it showing signs of some kind of disorder, contact a vet soon.
  • Communication is a two way process and this has to be understood well by the master. You ought to teach it tricks, but with the knowledge that it is perfectly following what you speak. For example, simply ordering your dog to jump would not teach it the process. You have to display before it, the method for the same.

The Body Language of Your Pet:

  • The way in which your dog lays down could tell you well about its behavior. Though these signals take time to be understood, they could teach you the habits of your dog and in turn, you could converse well with the pet.
  • Affectionate behavior of pets:

This involves a number of tricks from dogs such as:

  1. Confidence Stance: A dog that is high in the confidence stands erect on its legs. It would wag its tail, ears would be picked up, relaxed and eyes would have smaller pupils which is a signal of serenity. All in all it would have a calm look on its face.
  2. Bowing: In this posture, the dog would have its head bent down and it would face you. The front legs are displayed forward while its eyes are fixed on the person in front of it. This is a clear indication that your pet is in a playful mood and wants you to take it outside. Often it is mistaken that pets are moving backward for an attack but this is generally no seen.
  3. Usage of Paw: A dog uses its paw to seek the attention of its master. It could be due to various reasons such as in the want of food or water, when it wants to play or when there are any sort of disorders in the body. The paw method of communication is very effective as it could be well transmitted by the pet and also could be easily received by the pet-keeper.
  4. Wagging of Tail: The tail of a dog wags, in almost all the conditions of its communication with the master. It is the speed of the tail that varies according to its requirement. If the dog is wagging its tail swiftly, it is in a playful mood and seeks your attention. If the speed is a little slow, it could indicate a hoard of things such as requirement of food, seeking your attention or any kind of body problem.
  • When there are certain discomforts in the body, the behavior of the pet may vary. It would run swiftly, raise his hackles, hide under something or wag its tail to converse that it is not accustomed to the change that took place.

The face and head signals given by a dog:

The Ear Gestures:

  • A dog who has its ear fully erect, signals that it is utterly comfortable and is engrossed in any sort of activity such as running or playing. It may also indicate that it is trying to attentively listen to any sort of infrasonic sound.
  • If the ears of the dog are flat and resting close to the head, it may indicate that it is afraid of something.
  • A partially flattened dog ear may mean that it is in a state of anxiety, unhappiness or uncertainty.

The Eye Gestures:

Dogs give a variety of signals with their eyes such as:

  • Wide Open Eyes: This means that the dog is confident, alert or in a mischievous mood.
  • Staring: It indicates that dog is looking to dominate or challenge somebody over something.
  • Not Making An Eye-Contact: A dog which is not making an eye contact could indicate that he is polite and submissive.
  • Narrowed Eyes: If the eyes of dogs are partially opened or narrowed, it means that its mood is aggressive and ready to attack something.

Dog’s Facial Expressions:

A dog may offer many a signals with its face. You could view signs of smile, yawn, lip licking, bared teeth and painful expressions. All this signals occur at various occasions and these need to be closely viewed by the master.

The Barking Signals of the Dog:

A dog may utter a variety of sounds that may sound alike but these may differ entirely as an ‘A’ is dissimilar to a ‘B’. The master has to recognize the difference in it as these may offer many signals.

  • A loud and high-pitched bark may indicate that it is about to attack something or is showing its dominance over some object.
  • A short but frequent bark indicates that it is trying to alert someone of some unusual thing. It may snarl and growl in between.
  • A low voiced bark with the wag of tail means your dog is in a playful mood and want to move out to have a stretch.
  • A sudden and high-pitched with frequent snarls indicate that your dog is encountering some kind of pain in the body.
  • The dogs are inherited from the wolves and therefore are their habit of howling. It may howl due to various reasons such as in loneliness, while it is happy, when it is hunting or when offering an alert alarm.

The Communication Methods From the Humans:

Viewing all the signals from the entire personality of a dog, it is the responsibility of a pet-keeper to interpret these well and in turn offer fruitful outcomes to it. Some of the methods to develop a healthy communication channel are:

  • Talk to your pet very politely.A low tone of voice and a calm expression on face could solve even the most intricate chores. Do not shout at the pet. A rise in voice could certainly do harms to the behavior of your pet. A dog may become frightened to approach you and would never come up with any kind of problem that it faces. If the dog is a big one, shouting may render it stubborn or it may attempt to attack you.
  • It is to be understood well that beating is not at all a solution to any sort of problem. If you show your pet a stick, it would rather turn obstinate towards you than following your orders better. There are numerous other ways to work with it if it is too sluggish to follow your orders. But in any case, beating your dog or offering a cane fear would not solve any problem.
  • You could make use of the dog treats and appetizers to make your dog follow your orders. A small amount of eatable at frequent intervals would make the dog more vigilant of what is being said.
  • Do not forget to pat it and praise it for all the commands it follows. These words of praise could have a magical effect on its behavior.

It is very essential to listen and develop a prolific communication with your pet so that it has a better understanding of the world of humans. Though a totally distinct creature to the human beings; your pet truly understands the language of love. It is upon the master to communicate with it well in the stipulated manner and strengthen the bond; it wants to have between you.