Grooming Cats to Use Litter Boxes Daily

cat litter box-min

Like almost all the human beings, cats too love to eject their excreta in private. Funny? But true. You have you separate toilets, why won’t cats like one? These feline pets of ours too are highly sensitive towards their sanitation habits.

Generally, the cats are provided early grooming to use litter boxes as their toilets but there are certain factors that could affect the cat’s habit of being used to a litter box. Some of the major ones that should be kept in mind while training your cat for litter boxes are:


As already mentioned, cats require a tranquil environment to perform their routine task and any kind of traffic could disturb them. Therefore, it should be made sure that a cat’s litter box is kept in a peaceful environment. Also, these furry friends of ours dislike using a litter box that is situated in their dining vicinity. Always be careful of this.

While placing the litter box, avoid areas that have heat-radiating instruments and high-sounding electronics.
While you consider placing the litter box in your bathroom or any enclosed area, make sure that there is a convenient escape place lest your cat ends up locking itself in the place. You could cut a wedge in the door according to its size or fit a pet-door in it.

Size does matters:

The height and dimension of the litter box could be a great deciding factor for its usage by the cat. If you bring a litter box, too small against its size, the cat would never care to use it.

In contrast to this, a tall and not easily accessible one could also pose problems for the cat. Therefore, make sure to get the cat a good-sized litter box that it could easily go and come out.

Some aged cats or others with certain body troubles may also find it uneasy to use their previous litter boxes. Discontinue the use of old ones and make use of new, convenient ones for the better effects on their health.

Cleanliness of the litter box:

Sanitation is a very important ingredient. You would not love to use a toilet that is filthy in appearance; even cats don’t. Therefore, the litter boxes that are used by the cats should be cleaned regularly, atleast twice a week.

The litter that you use in it should also be replaced frequently. The solid wastes and clumps should receive a daily treatment.

Make sure that the litter box does not smell bad. Though a sweet smelling substance is not required for the cats, you could use a little bowl of baking soda that would absorb the bad odors.

While you replace the litter, make sure to clean the box well with a disinfectant or washing liquid. This would render it harmless and free from odor.

You could always teach your cats with the litter box habits and cats too could learn these in almost first 12 weeks of their age, but there is always a possibility of a body disorder that refrain it for the process. Get your cat checked by a vet so that you could have a better understanding of its desires from the master.