Grooming Behavior Of Your Aggressive Cat

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Your impeccable cat grooming methods might have put a gorgeous appearance on the outer body of your kitty, but if does not behaves well infront of people, it would not receive an appreciation.

It would be highly disturbing that the pet to which you shower your utter love would respond with bites and scratches. This could be a signal that you pet cat does not appreciates the presence of people in a close vicinity and this could be troublesome for the pet-keeper.

Therefore, you need to understand the various attributes which lead to aggressiveness in the behavior of cats and should try to suppress these so that you kitty becomes lovable even with its behavior.

Here are a few grounds which could lead to violent nature of the cats:

Play Aggression:

This indicates that cat is highly jubilant and energetic while playing. She could love to stroll in and around the house searching for preys etc. While this happens it could show some unique traits such as twitching her tail, flicking ears back and forth, pouncing on to a luring object, chewing it and kicking it back with her legs.

You could love to watch these actions but should be aware that some of the young kittens would not know when to stop the action. In the process of stopping them, you could receive some nasty bites and scratches from them.


As a solution, you could make use of a fishing pole toy to play and suppress her action. Otherwise, if she attempts to bite or scratch your body, prohibit it for the action. Instead of hitting of shouting at her, leave her alone for a few moments and resume your play when she becomes calm.

Petting Aggression:

It had been observes that some of the cats do not love to get a pat and when you do this, they could bite or scratch your body. Also, it could possess some painful part in its body which if touched, could get you a bite from it.


For the cats that do not love being touched, you could win them with food bits. Offer her a bit of food and in the meantime, pat her lightly as she consumes it. Due to this, the cat would slowly lose its aggression and you could increase the time period of the pat as the aggression ceases to come up.

Territorial Aggression:

Some cats are extremely dominant of the surrounding they thrive in and in case of being disturbed by a human or another pet in their comfort zone, they could attack the same.


For such cats, it is extremely difficult to control them and lure them with food bits. They require an equal and opposite aggression and for this you could squeeze water on them with a bottle, every time they behave badly.

Redirected Aggression:

This form of aggression also arises with the bossy nature of a cat. If she views another cat in your garden, she would have intentions of fighting with her and when you get in the way, you could get hurt in the process.


If you cat stares long at you, she might be angry. Leave her until she becomes calm. If she is growling or having a fight with another cat, do not intervene yourself. Use a bottle to squirt water or pillow to stop fight.

Using these methods, you would be able to calm your aggressive cat which if bites you badly, you could require a doctor’s treatment.