Food And Pet Safety At Home

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It is quite obvious that while you bring in home animals to keep the as pets, you would take their each and every responsibility, so that they are offered supreme care. While the pets stay at home, it is necessary that neither their safety is at stake and nor does it cause any harm to your house and family members. Safety of pets is therefore an essential component that comes under grooming of pets.

You might possess a pet that is well to do in its appearance, is quite sincere in its behavior and is low in mischief but there are certain habits that could cost the pets drastically. It is therefore required to keep a close watch over your pets’ habits. You would certainly not love the fact that your pets meet an accident and does harm to it.

Some of the safety tips that could be implemented while your pet is at home are:

Safety with the Food Items:

It is a common fact that pets could not consume and digest each and every food that humans eat and this is one of the differences between a man and an animal. The digestive system of a dog or a cat is not supportive of specific items which if they eat, cause troubles to them and in turn to their masters. It is therefore recommended to keep these food items away from them for a healthy body and high overall life. Some of the food items that are restricted for the pets are:

  • Alcoholic beverages of any kind that human beings consume
  • Avocado leaves, seeds, fruits and bark which contains toxic Persin
  • Bones from meat, fish or poultry, as these could cause indigestion and may even choke the throat.
  • Tea, coffee and any other kind of caffeinated beverage
  • Human sweets and chocolates that contain excessive sugars
  • Citrus fruits and oil extracts
  • Fish in any form
  • Grapes, raisins and currants
  • Human vitamin supplements that may contain iron
  • Milk, Cheese and any other kind of dairy product
  • Any type of mushroom
  • Onions and Garlic in any form (raw, dried or powdered)
  • Raw eggs and raw meat
  • Rhubarb leaves and high quantity of salt
  • Yeast dough and tobacco products

All these items are extremely hazardous as far as the health of your pets is concerned. Better not include them even jokingly, as they have the capability to take the life of your pets.

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Safety from the Environment:

The environment is full of materials that could pose dangers to your pets. If your pet is in a free-to-live condition, the master should be more vigilant that the pets do not encounter any kind of depressant that could hamper its body functioning. Some of the environmental threats that you need to look over are:

  • Trees, plants, pollens and weeds etc. in the garden could be a cause of numerous allergies and respiratory problems in the pets. Watch for these and try to remove them from your garden, so that the pets do not develop any kind of adverse reactions in their body.
  • The dust and dirt from the environment could also cause agitation in pets. When the filth particles settle on their skin, they are the causes of high irritation. You pet would fell itchy and scratch each and every part of body which sometimes could be dangerous. Increased itching could also cause redness of skin, spots and the pets could lose hair. To prevent this, regular bathes and clean-ups are required.
  • Fleas and mites may find a good dwelling place in the hair of your pets and these may also cause huge irritation in the skin. Regular wash-ups and cleaning of pet coats keep these insects away from causing problems in the body.
  • If your dog is in a habit of jumping over fences and bars, there are chances that it could hurt itself while doing so. Also, the road accidents are a major threat to the animals. Prevent your dogs from chasing stray cars and fighting with other stray dogs.
  • The hot and humid environmental condition could do major damages in the body of pets, especially the dogs. Excessive heat damages the cells in the body of dogs and in turn the tissues. Dogs may get highly disconcerted with the high temperatures and if suitable measures are not taken to safeguard them, heat could cause the death of your pet. Therefore, make sure that your pet gets a cool environment to thrive.
  • Dogs could enjoy the litter and garbage that is scattered in and around the house. Therefore make sure that no garbage is left stray. Dogs and cats may find substances such as spoilt eatables, cigarette butts, metallic items, plastic items and heavy metals, which they might find appealing enough to eat. You could imagine the consequences that could occur when your pet eats any of the aforementioned products.
  • If the temperatures outside is undue cold, it could also trouble the pets and cause problems such as cough, cold and other respiratory tribulations. To prevent the pet from low temperatures, provide them a warm and dry place to stay. There are varieties of products that keep your pet warm in the cold weather. You could implement these for better effects.
  • If you live at a place that is prone to natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and heavy rainfall etc, it is better to keep your pets with you so that they are not affected by the ill effects of the environment.
  • Pets could also be infected by harmful insects and poisonous animals. Insects such as wasp and bees could sting your pet and animals such as snakes and scorpions induce poison in their body. If there are any chances that your pet could get affected by any of these, better prohibit them from the places that are prone to dangers.

Using the above simple techniques, you could ensure that your pet is not affected by the environmental factors that could cause numerous troubles in the body of pets.

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 Other Household Safety Tips:

There are certain household items that could cause threats for your pets. It is better to be watchful of these materials lest your pets end up in harming itself due to them. Some common household safety tips include:

  • Be very particular of the chemicals used in the house such as anti-freezing materials, rodent killers, detergent powders and soaps, mosquito repellents, cleaning liquids and other types of chemical liquids that are kept open in the house. Your pets could swallow any of these owing to the sweet smell they possess and they could poison their body leading to grave consequences.
  • Pets could develop allergic reactions in the body due to use of various fibers such as wool and nylon etc. If your pet is showing reactions to any of these products, get it diagnosed immediately from a specialist. These problems could be swiped with the use of a few antidotes.
  • Be careful of the electronic items that you possess at your home. It is found the pets try to use these viewing their masters and hurt themselves with the electricity. Also, do not let any loose fittings and open wires that have live supply running. Your pets may stumble upon the unknowingly, getting an undesired electric shock.
  • The toys that your kids play could also offer harms to your pets and also to the kids afterwards. A dog may develop the idea of an apple viewing a round tennis ball and may try to swallow it. The end result is a choked throat which could also cause its death. Therefore, keep the toys and playthings which your kids use, away from your pet.
  • The medicines used by the humans could also be swallowed by the pets which do not suit their body at all. Keep all the medicines and antiseptics etc. in a secure place, so that they do not appear as a consumable to the pets.
  • Keep the floors of the house dry so that pets do not slip while they move on the wet floors. Slipping might cause harms in their joints and bones.
  • Do not use any kind of perfume liquids and sprays on the body of pet. You may intent to make your pet fragrant but the truth is that all the sprays contain aerosols that are highly reactive on the body of pets. If these accumulate on the body, your pet could develop a number of dermal problems, losing of hair is the prime amongst them.
  • Always keep a first-aid kit ready with all the essential materials so that even if some sort of mishap takes place, you could mitigate with it at the earliest.

Adopting the above few household safety techniques, you could ensure safety for your pets in the house as well the aesthetics around. You could be cautious of the safety of your pet but cannot deny the fact that accidents could well take place in spite of all the careful steps. Therefore, keep the emergency solutions ready to cope up with the undesired incidences and if you could not cure them at house, rush to the vet as soon as possible. Remember! A stitch in time saves nine.