Essential Oils In The Diet Of Your Pet Dog

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The nurturing or a pet is rather an art which requires all the healthy steps and pet grooming tips. When these tips are followed by the pet owners, you could yourself view the result in the body of your pets.The nurturing or a pet is rather an art which requires all the healthy steps and pet grooming tips.When these tips are followed by the pet owners, you could yourself view the result in the body of your pets.

In the similar manner, dogs are one of the most loved pets of the world and their care too requires a good lot of consideration from the masters.One of the major concerns for a dog owner could be for the food of his or her pet, which is the major source of nutrition in the body.

These days, things are not what they show.Forget pets, even the humans are not able to supplement their body with proper nutrients.Therefore, you need to take extra care about the diet of your pet and of the essential nutrients which reach its body.

Under these conditions, all you pets need are some good food supplements that would help them to rejuvenate their body and fulfill all their requirements of a healthy and hearty overall living.While certain pet owners may think of trying some chemical pills, you could make use of natural oil food supplements, that when added only in a little amount in the food of your pet, could enhance its body functioning to a great extent.

Some of the supplemental oils that you could offer your pet dogs are:

  • Fish Oil:

Fish Oils are a good source of essential EPA and DHA, Omega 3 fatty acids that are highly critical for the growth and development in the body of dogs.Omega 3 acid has a natural anti-inflammatory effect that tends to prohibit any chance of occurrence of infections and inflammations. These acids are also helpful in removing body pain and lessen the risk of arthritis in the body.

  • Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil has become one of the most popular choices in the supplemental needs of the body of dogs that helps in improving their digestion, aids in losing weight, offer them body energy and offer relief from the dry skin conditions. Coconut oil is also an important remedy to feed your dog if it suffers from the problem of bad odor from its mouth. Additionally, a palm full of coconut oil could be applied externally on the body of your dogs and this is favorable in eliminating most of the outer skin conditions such as hair fall, acne, hot spots and flaky skin etc.

  • Krill Oil:

Similar to the fish oils that are derived from fishes such as tuna and salmon, krill oil is also one of the synonymously used substances, which hail from shrimp-like organisms in water. In contrast to the fish oils, krill oils are said to have a lesser content of heavy minerals which the organisms take while under water. Krill Oil too contains EPH and DHA which are essential supplemental compounds for its body. These are helpful to clear any sorts of joint or inflammatory symptoms in the body of pets.

  • Flaxseed Oils:

For all those, who prefer to be more on the vegetarian side and keep your pets too in the same, flaxseed oil is a big boon that supplies all the essential food supplements to the body of your pets. It is a good source of alpha Linolenic Omega 3 acids which help to maintain the body vitality of dogs. Flaxseed oil is also a good supplement which promotes the health of critical inner organs or pets such as heart, liver and kidneys, thereby keeping conditions away which influence these organs.

Serving These Oils To Your Dog:

Most of the supplemental oils for the need of your dogs come in readymade liquid or capsule form. It is upon the choice of the pet that you could choose these in its food.

The oils that are in liquid form are mixed about a tablespoonful in the food of your dog or poured from above. Moreover, you could also pour the oil over dry foods, kibbles and the treats which your dogs love to have.

While most of the dogs would not mind having the oil in the liquid form, some could turn out to be finicky in their eating approach. For these, you could make use of the oil-capsules that are prepared from the same ingredients and could be fed easily to the dogs.

Whatever the taste of your dog says, while feeding any sort of such capsules, make sure to consult your vet first, so that you get to know the body conditions of your pet and its needs.

Negative Effects Of These Oils:

Excess of anything could be injurious and same goes with these oils. These essential oils when provided in extra amount for a prolonged period could pose pressure on pancreas, causing a disease known as pancreatitis. These oils are found to increase weight of the pets too.

The supplemental oils could also cause a deficiency of the vital antioxidant Vitamin E when taken in an extra amount.

Certain oils are also responsible for prolonging the time of blood clotting in the body of your dogs. Therefore, while your dog is up for a surgery, make sure to cease the use of these oils at least a week before the procedure.

Moreover, if your dog is suffering due to some disorder, to be on the safer side, it is better consult a vet before putting a step forward to the use of any such things.

How To Choose The Right Oil For Your Dog:

One of the most critical steps is to choose the right kind of oils according to the conditions of your pet’s body. The companies which produce these oils for the pets have the seal of ‘National Animal Supplement Council (NASC).’ You could look for this while purchasing any kind of product for the pets.

Moreover, if your pet is suffering from some body disorder such as inflammations, skin-flaking, dull coat or arthritis etc, consult a vet for the right kind of supplemental oils that would suit your pet. An expert’s advice could always be handy while you intent to nullify the ill-effects from the body of your pets.