Ear Cropping And Tail Docking Of A Dog

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A responsible pet owner is a person that stands to every chance of caring their pets and in the most effective manner. Pets, if given proper care and love could show this from their body, physically and mentally. A responsible pet owner is a person that stands to every chance of caring their pets and in the most effective manner. Pets, if given proper care and love could show this from their body, physically and mentally.

When pet-masters follow proper pet grooming tips and care for each and every little organ of their pets’ body, the pet in turn appears healthy and robust. Almost every organ in the body of pets, especially the dogs, needs care.

Under such condition, the pet owners nowadays also opt for snipping off a few organs from their dogs’ body such as tail and ears which have various particular reasons of their own.

This article deals about the same and we would discuss about the advantages and disadvantages too that are a part and parcel of snipping imperative organs in the body of dogs.

Elective Surgery For Dogs:

This phrase may sound a bit odd but in reality, this is what the purebred dogs undergo after a few weeks of their birth.

It includes two phenomena namely:

  • Ear Cropping
  • Tail Docking

Certain purebred dogs such as Doberman etc. may undergo elective surgery. This kind of surgery has always remained a point of debate and even when it is so prominent across the globe, many of the vets oppose to such kinds of procedures.

Ear Cropping Of A Dog:

Dogs that have a natural good ability to receive even the infrasonic sounds of the nature, could undergo cropping of their ear. Cropping ears of dogs involves the process of cutting the floppy part of dog’s ears while they are on anesthesia.

It is usually performed on the dogs at an age of around 6 to 12 weeks and after the procedure is complete, the ears are glued to a hard surface so that they could obtain the previous upright position.

Many breeds of dogs such as Doberman Pinschers, Great Danes and Miniature Schnauzers etc. may undergo the process of ear cropping early in their life and many masters perform these to offer their dogs a distinct appearance.

Contrastingly, many vets believe that cropping ears of dogs have no advantages, be it medically, physically, environmentally or cosmetically. This could even be considered a case of animal cruelty and lead to bigger troubles to the masters.

Some dog owners may even argue with the assert that cropping ears of a dog may help in reducing infections in the organs but vets believe just the opposite. Infections in the ears may even be possible in the dogs when your get its ears cropped.

Docking Tail Of A Dog:

A part of the dog’s tail may be removed off its body at an early stage of its life. When the dogs are only a few days old, the pet owners may take the dogs to a prescribed vet and get their tail removed with the help of a surgical scissors and that too without anesthesia.

It is believed that doing the process at an early stage would be beneficial as the tail of the dogs is still soft and removing it would not cause an excessive pain. The dogs would even forget the procedure as they grow old. Docking tail of a dog may also be known as bobbing.

Docking tail of a dog is also one of the most controversial steps as majority of the vets are against this procedure too.People may offer debatable reasons for performing such steps such as:

  • Increasing the speed of dogs while running
  • Strengthening backs of the dogs
  • Prevention of rabies
  • Avoiding injury of dogs when they indulge in a fight
  • To prevent infections in the hunting, herding and working dogs

All these reasons from the people have no particular proofs. Many countries including Australia and U.K have banned the procedure of docking tails of dogs while in some other places such as USA etc. do not have particular rules for such procedures.

Again, docking tails of animals could be a matter of cruelty towards the animals which could be dealt rather strictly in some countries.

Is Cropping Of Ears And Docking Of Tail Appropriate For The Dogs?

For an answer to the headline, you need to know the importance of each and every organ in the body of dogs. Why would a dog be born having a long tail and un-slit ears, had these organs not held any functionality in the body processes.

The dogs naturally use their tails for balancing their body. The tail could be used as a medium of communication with other dogs and people, while it also serves the purpose of conveying aggression, fear, playfulness, tension and curiosity etc. body emotions. Snipping this organ would not render them emotionless, but would certainly snatch one of their mediums of communication.

Similarly, the ears of dogs are the organs that indicate alertness, playfulness, sorrow and happiness in various positions. Cropping these vital organs could completely prohibit their chances of further future indications and this has nothing to do with preventing ear infections, as the vets suggest.

The ‘American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)’ says that cropping ears and docking tail of a dog, even for the cosmetic reasons is not at all medically beneficial for your pets. Additionally, these surgeries may accompany anesthesia, loss of blood and infections in the affected organs.

Dogs also use their tails for the purpose of swimming, maintaining balance while running and in other energetic activities. While they lose their tail, they could be at a disadvantage in comparison to their companions in performing such tasks. Many dog-tails after being snipped, have the risk of painful neuroma or nerve tissue scarring at the end which is utterly harmful for the pets.

Therefore, if you too have the notion to perform such experiments on your dogs, it is advised to take help of an expert vet and perform these if it is utterly necessary medically. You would never understand the physical and mental agony and pain that the snipped organ would render the pet in due course of his or her life.