Dog Stairs And Dog Ramps: Getting A Perfect Climber For Your Pet’s Needs

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One of the prominent members of your family- your dear pooch may seem quite bubbly at the young and middle ages of its life, but could turn to be sluggish in the later period. This is not because of its traits, but the effect of age which mars its body capability.One of the prominent members of your family- your dear pooch may seem quite bubbly at the young and middle ages of its life, but could turn to be sluggish in the later period. This is not because of its traits, but the effect of age which mars its body capability.

Such dogs with low vitality could find their regular routine a bit difficult, especially if it needs to jump and climb some elevation to reach for its sitting or sleeping place. And if it affected by some disorder such as arthritis or heart disease, the hopping process would be no less than a nightmare for his body parts.

Apart from this, other younger dogs too, would require a support to climb a certain height and this support is provided by the commercially available dog ramps and stairs.

These are the inclined portions that are similar to the permanent ones in our homes and at public places.These have various kinds of benefits of their own and one of the prominent ones is their portability trait.

Here we would discuss some of the characteristics of these dog ramps and portable stairs, which would help you to choose the perfect one according to the needs of your pet. This would discuss the following major points:

  • Dog Stairs And Their Characteristics
  • Ramps For Dogs And Their Selection Criteria
  • Advantages Of These Ramps And Stairs
  • What To Choose:Ramps Or Stairs

Lets Start With

What Are Dog Stairs?

As mentioned before, dog stairs are the inclined commodities that are used by the pets for climbing a certain height. These are made up of distinct kinds of materials such as metal, wood, PVC, plastic or a combination of these to support the weight of your pet while it climbs the height.Dog stairs are ideal to be used at homes, offices, grooming parlors and other places which require the dogs to climb a certain elevation.

Characteristics Of Dog Stairs:

Commercially, there are various kinds of dog stairs available for the usage of pets and for your requirement, you need to choose a perfect one, keeping in mind some considerations.Some of the factors which govern the purchase of a particular kind of dog stairs are as follows:

  • Material Used:

The material that is used for making the stairs could be a major factor of its purchase. Dog stairs that are made up of metal or wood are less prominent in use. Instead, people like to use the ones made up of Polyvinyl Chloride or other kind of plastics. These have advantages of being folded and kept when not in use and could be extremely durable too. An addition of furry cloth on the surface could further contribute to its utility.

  • Size And Length Of The Stairs:

The stair cases are purchased or even ordered to be made according to the space you could provide to keep them. This is why the length of the entire setup could be a determining factor for its purchase. Also, the width of each step and the rise of them, the number of steps and the height up to which they reach the destined place are also to be kept in mind while choosing a portable staircase for your dog.

  • Bottom Grip:

The staircase which slides on to a slippery portion once your pet attempts to climb it could be a dangerous product. Therefore, you need to choose a perfect staircase that could be held on to even the slippery floor. This would be highly useful when your pet climbs as you could eliminate any chances of a staircase overturn or slip-away if your pet is a bit notorious.

  • Safety And Durability:

Whatever be the kind of staircase you purchase, one of the most prominent factor that you need to keep in mind is its durability. The product should be able to hold the weight of your pet and should not yield, even if your pet attempts to sit on it for a considerable time. Also, it should be safe enough to prevent any accidents while your pet climbs the destined place.

Apart from all these characteristics of dog stairs, the breed, height, weight and traits of your dog could also be decisive factors for you to choose a perfect staircase for your pet.

A pet of a smaller breed and height would require steps of lower rise, while bigger breeds could do well even when you have steps of high rise, but the weight-bearing factor too comes to play with the size of the dog.

Dog Ramps And How To Select It:

Apart from the staircases, you could also choose the dog ramps which are simple, elevated portions, inclined to a certain height, but devoid of any steps. These could also be made up of materials similar to the staircases, but are easier to handle, store and use. Also, the price of the dog ramps would be lesser than that of a perfectly made dog staircase.

Dog Ramps could be used at almost any place, most prominently at home or while you need your dog to climb your elevated car. These come in definite lengths and you could choose them according to your use or the kind of dog you have.

Some of the considerations that are kept in mind while buying dog ramps are as follows:

  • Always be sure of the durability of these ramps while you buy them. Many of the flat surface turn inclined in their due course and eventually break in between.
  • Dog Ramps should not have a slippery surface. Many of these are lined with a furry cloth on their surface to enhance friction and prevent slipping of your dog while climbing.
  • These products should not be slippery from their bottom. You need to get dog ramps that could be fixed to the ground to prevent any sort of mishaps while they are in use.
  • The length of dog ramps and their elevation too is a considerable factor while buying these for your pets.
  • The ones that could be easily folded and kept when not in use and are easy to be taken while travelling are also considered by the pet parents.

Apart from these, the body conditions of your dog could also be a determining factor to choose the best pet ramp for your dog. You could even require inculcating the dog grooming tips to offer your pet the lessons to these dog ramps.

Advantages Of Dog Ramps And Stairs:

Dog Ramps and Staircases would have the following advantages for your pets:

  • These could be necessary products when you have your pet’s bed or resting place situated at an elevated portion due to some risk on the ground.
  • Pet ramps and stairs are extremely beneficial for the pets that have disorders in their body, for instance, the pets with arthritis or body pain could never attempt to climb to their bed due to immobility of their joints.
  • Senior aged pets could also get immensely benefitted with these inclined products.
  • These are light-weighted, easy to handle and portable products that could accompany you even when you travel to some other place with your pet.
  • These could be a medium of exercise for your chubby and overweight pets.
  • These could be stored and kept in a small place when do not find their everyday application.

Dog Ramps Or Dog Stairs; Which One To Choose?

While you need an inclined portion for your dog’s safety and use, it could be a tough choice between dog stairs and dog ramps. Both of these products are extremely useful for the everyday applications of your pets and could be chosen with some considerations.

If you have dogs that have some disability in their body such as lameness, arthritis, extreme immobility or heart diseases, you could probably require dog ramps. This is due to the fact that dog ramps entail comparatively lesser energy to climb than the dog stairs. It is similar to walking on the floors with a bit of inclination on them. Apart from these, smaller breeds of dogs may also be provided with dog ramp, so that they do not meet an accident while falling from the staircases while climbing them.

The conditions of your house or the place where you attempt to use the ramps or stairs could also be determiners of what you purchase. Dog stairs require comparatively lesser space to keep as compared to the dog ramps. However, the portability of the dog stairs could be a bit problematic, which is not the case in dog ramps.

Keeping in mind all these factors, you could get an ideal climbing product for your dog. Also, you could be required to teach the dog the usage of these products, since some of the pets could be frightened to use these products. This is where your grooming sessions work and you could teach your dog effectively the usage of dog ramps or stairs.