Dog Health – Dogs That Are Feed Healthy, Stay Healthy :)

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Feeding is the prime need of each and every living being, whether it is a human being or animal or even plants, which derive their nutrients out of soil. Feeding is not just a simple process of filling up your stomach with all the edible items that you find, but to choose the items that could help to build up your inner self.

Same, as a human being is deeply concerned of his food and food habits, his body and its maintenance, similar is the case with the pets that we bring to our house to stay with us. Dogs are the pets that are well fond of their food and would love a master that would feed them in a timely manner and at the same time satisfy their taste buds.

Practically, dogs could eat almost everything that a human being consumes, but these pets are generally carnivorous and love eating non-vegetarian food items. Apart from it, they have a great liking for the vegetarian foods too. It depends generally on a dog keeper, what to feed, when to feed, how to feed and where to feed so that your pet stays utmost healthy and free of disorders.

Following are some of the tips on dog grooming that tell you, how to feed your pet in a healthy manner so as to bring out the best of results that you could derive from the food that you give them:

Find a Serene Place:

Dogs love to consume their food in a quiet place away from rush and commotion. They are generally quiet eaters of the food too. Therefore, to feed your dog, find a place away from general hubbub. Use a clean dog bowl for the purpose. Place the food that lures your dog into eating. If it is reluctant, pat it and help it get the aroma of the food. If the floor is slippery and the bowl slips on contact, place it on a mat. If it is hungry it will, without any effort, finish off the food and lick the bowl clean. Do not forget to serve it with clean water afterwards.

What Type of Food to Choose?

The type of food that your dog consumes depends upon its feeding habits. Some dogs relish food that is crunchy and crispy while others may love their food in a wet and soaked form. This may also depend on the size of the dog or the breed of the dog. Have a try with all sorts of foods that are prescribed and note down its eating habits every day. Try to feed it with fresh food and if possible do not use the refrigerated food. You could also use a microwave to warm the cold food. Vets generally recommend feeding it with wet foods because, firstly it is easy to digest without any causing any problem to the digestive system, secondly it looks more attractive and delicious and thirdly it helps clean kibbles sticking on the teeth of your pet. Dry foods could also be given but with the process of soaking them if your dog allows. A large variety of packaged dog foods are available in the markets that are well liked by your dog. You could have a go on these if you feel they are safe for the pet.

Be Punctual in Feeding:

One of the most necessary factors regarding the diet of your dogs is time. Dogs are very punctual as far as their hunger is concerned and so should be you. You would not want your dog getting restless, following you to every place you go, bark to let you remember that it is his meal time or devour any sort of unhealthy item that it finds in the house or outside, in its hunger. Therefore, always set the schedule to feed your dog timely and if you are in a habit of forgetting, set up alarms for the same. You could remain hungry for sure if you are preoccupied with your work but your pet would not love the idea very much. So be punctual and be a good master.

What not to Feed a Dog:

As already mentioned dogs are exultant eaters and enjoy every form of their food. But it is the responsibility of the pet-keeper to understand that not everything is good and healthy for your pet. Some foods might cause them serious diseases, some that you might even have not heard of. Therefore, be very careful in choosing its food. Here is a list of things that you should not feed it:


A dog would love to chew bones and these may render some nutrients too, but try not to allow it eat them, especially fish bones. These may get stuck in its throat and cause big problems in the form of vomits and restlessness. Try to give only what is easily eatable and easily digestible.

Raw Meat:

Never feed a dog with raw meat. It may contain bacteria that would harm the inner digestive system, causing a number of disorders for it. Always make sure to cook the meat at an optimum temperature to kill the dangerous microorganisms that thrive on it. You would not want to see your pet getting food-poisoning disorder with the food that it consumes.

Sweet Objects:

Humans may be sweet-toothed and so could be your dog.But as far as practically feeding a dog with the sweet foods, it is not at all a good idea. These sweet food items may hurt the digestive system of your dog causing hair loss problems. Human chocolates and other sweet items should be stored out of reach of your pet. Other less sweet objects such as biscuits should be limited in its diet. You would not love the idea of having a bald pet or your house floor to be messed with dog hair.

Other Objects:

Other objects may include onions, citrus fruits, garlic, raisins and grapes. These foods are slow toxicants that slowly lower its overall age. Try to reduce these foods as much as possible.

With all these tips on dog grooming, try to regulate the diet of the dogs. Try not to feed the dog an hour before or after its exercise. It may cause bloating of stomach,or gastric dilation or a condition called volvulus. If you happen to encounter any of these with symptoms of heavy breathing, vomiting and restlessness always consult a veterinarian. Your dog is your responsibility and it needs careful attention. Always offer this and maintain a healthy relationship with it.