Dog Grooming Combs And Their Varieties

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Just as you buy a sweet little hair grooming comb for your personal needs, your pets too could require these materials, which are used to enhance their outer appearance. Just as you buy a sweet little hair grooming comb for your personal needs, your pets too could require these materials, which are used to enhance their outer appearance.

It is a well-known fact that most of the dogs are covered with thick outer hair on their skin which are frequently in contact with the dust and germs of the environment. Certain nasty insects such as ticks and mites also, are always ready to attack the coat of your dog.

These insects, if find themselves comfortable with the body of dogs, could pose threatening diseases in the body, which require vet inspection.

To prevent this, combing of the outer coat of your dog is rather an essential necessity and should be followed with a regular routine. To help you out in the regards, various kinds of dog grooming combs are available in the market. Some of these include:

Flea Combs:

These combs are fine-toothed to trap and capture the fleas that enjoy the body of dogs as dwelling places. The fleas would live as well as reproduce at the same place, which leads to generation of other little insects of the same kind.  Soon you would find your dog using its paws and teeth on its body to help itself with the itching troubles that arise. Flea combs could effectively be used to combat the attack of fleas on your pet’s body.

De-matting Combs:

While the dust and dirt prevails in the body of dogs, it could lead to formation of tangles and knots which are not easily ruled out. Certain tangles, which turn nasty, could also result in loss of hair from the body, if dealt with excessive force.  De-matting combs are an easy and convenient option for these troubles. These have teeth separated with an adequate space, so that the knots could be easily sorted out of the body of your pets.

Metal combs:

These metallic dog combs are manufactured in all sorts of sizes and are very convenient for the dogs that have huge masses of hair on their body. Some metal combs are even equipped with convenient holding handles and could include tooth sizes such as Medium-Coarse, Fine-Coarse and Fine-Medium etc.

Various other metal combs are also outfitted with rolling pins which help in lesser pulling out of hair when the comb is used. Especially if you intend to grow the hair of your dog without any loss while combing, rolling-pin metal combs are highly effective.

Undercoat Rakes:

These are named as rakes since they highly resemble the shape of a garden rake and could have long, strong teeth which penetrate easily in the dense coat of your dog’s body.You could make use of these combs to solve the tangles that lie underneath the coat, near to the skin.

Rubber Curry Combs:

Rubber curry combs are more of massaging kind of combs that enhance the circulation of blood in the skin of dogs. You could use these combs to remove loose hair strands, while they also offer a good massage experience to your pets.