Dog Dyes: Render Your Dog Its True Colors But With Added Safety

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You know, what could be the best of the worst factor associated with ‘fashion industry’? It could be its habit of changing colors every now and then. It is best for those who could afford to pick up articles that go with the latest trends and in contrast worst for the people, who feel a bit too much about leaving their old trends.You know, what could be the best of the worst factor associated with ‘fashion industry’? It could be its habit of changing colors every now and then. It is best for those who could afford to pick up articles that go with the latest trends and in contrast worst for the people, who feel a bit too much about leaving their old trends.

But nevertheless, fashion industry is bent to change trends every single day and these trends are imbibed by the people, better known as fashion-freaks.

The fashion industry has even extended its roots to influence the pets that we possess. A few years ago, you could not think of something better than bathing or brushing your pets (such as cats or dogs) in terms of grooming them.

Today, the advancing technologies have offered all sorts of means by which, you could turn your timid and hushed pet into an utterly fashionable one. For instance, the pet-owners offer various kinds of haircuts to their pets, which highly suit the ongoing and upcoming trends.

The Coloring Trend:

Do not mock at a dog and a dog-owner if the pet appears to be in an unusual color, for the person possessing the rein of the pet would mock back at you, saying that you have a terrible sense of fashion.

The inclination towards coloring your pets’ outer coat is one of the recent one in the fashion industry that has been gaining utmost popularity.

Humans color their hair in all sorts of shades viz. brown, golden or even grey etc. and these people would love to dye the fur of their dogs too, if they find it interesting.

Some people may criticize your act of coloring the body of your dog as they might think that colors could harm its skin and render it infections. True! Colors could harm its body, but not all.

There are some hair-dyes that are specifically meant for the body of dogs. You could choose among these if you too are interested for matching steps with the latest trends.

Here are some cool ideas with which you could render your dog its true colors, but with utter safety:

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Real Food Items: 

Some real food items such as beets and spinach etc. naturally possess colors which, on one hand could render your pet some beautiful shades and on the other, would be absolutely safe on the skin and body of your pet, even if it licks the colors.

Some of the shades of colors that could be derived from natural food items are as tabulated below:

Asparagus Green
Beets Red Or Pink
Blackberries Purple Or Black
Blueberries Blue Or Purple
Carrots Orange
Cranberries Red Or Pink
Raspberries Pink
Red Cabbage Blue Or Purple
Spinach Green
Strawberries Red Or Pink
Sweet Potatoes Orange Or Tan
Turmeric Yellow

The juices from all the above food products would render a tint that is easily noticeable on the body of your pets.

You could use them either in the fresh or frozen form, without any major changes. For getting better results, you could use a smasher or put the required contents in a blender and extract its juice.

Recently, the people have tried mixing juices from two vegetables to obtain an all new shade. For Example, the South Americans use the juice from red sweet potatoes to combine it with lime juice that could be used for dyeing of clothes.

This solution could also be used for pets which could give colors ranging from pink to black on varying the composition of each item.

Natural, Tree Decorating Colors:

If there is an unavailability of natural products that could be used to color your dogs, you could make use of some natural decorating colors that are easily available. These are made up of materials obtained from vegetable concentrates and do not possess any sort of synthetic dyes, chemicals or corn syrup.

Artificial Food Colorings:

As an alternative, you could use various artificial food colorings that are often used in the foods of pets. For instance, if you use a bit of dog-friendly orange color in the cookies you prepare for your dog, this color could also be used to color its hair.

Be sure of not using it in excess amount as some colors give a very dark shade which does appears pleasant on the body of pets. Also, using it in large amounts could result in skin infections and other troubles which need a vet’s inspection.

Hair Dyes for Dogs:

There could also be a variety of safe hair dyes which are specifically meant for the dogs. You could purchase this and this could serve as another alternative to render colors to your pet.

While buying the hair dyes, be vigilant to check the ingredients in the product and if it contains chemicals, always consult an expert before using it. There have been cases where pet-keepers reported about various skin troubles which accompanied the colors.

Some useful tips that help while coloring your dog:

  • If your dog shows some major or minor health issues, it is better to drop the idea of coloring its body as they could add to the troubles it already had.
  • For the best results, color the dog after it has been perfectly bathed and brushed. Any form of foreign material may inhibit your chances of getting the desired output.
  • Dogs that have light colored or white fur are easier to color than those which already have a darker shade on their body. Choose colors that suit best on your pets’ body.
  • While dyeing, be careful that the colors do not enter its eyes as they could prove irritants (even the natural food colors).
  • Dogs have a natural instinct of shaking their fur. For the reason, it is better to color them outside the house to protect your house from getting stained.
  • The colors on the fur of your dog could stay for a period of about 4 to 6 weeks.

Coloring your dog could be a good idea but could certainly turn worst if this contradicts with the health of your pet. Therefore, identify the conditions well and keep them in mind while you wish to give your dog some beautiful colors.