Dog Body Bathe Tips

dog wash-min

From the very first line, you would have got a cautious note, as if I am going to say something peculiar or unheard. Most of us would say, “That’s not too serious, we do it quite often”. But the question that arises here is “How often?” Again, various people give varied answers and we could get a hoard of ideas on pet grooming tips to be implemented.

Dogs, which are quite friendly in nature, could also be predictable as far as their bathing and washing habits are concerned. Therefore, it is our prime responsibility to be aware of the habits shown by our four-legged mate towards cleansing itself. If it is in a habit of sprinting, as soon as it sees water, then there’s a serious issue and needs to be taken care of rather sincerely. You have to lure it and get the purpose done in some or the other way.

As far as bathing is concerned,here are some steps that are meant to be taken before and during the process:

  • Prepare the bathing materials beforehand. You would not want that your dog gets away while you are preparing for the process.
  • Start with dusting it with a clean cotton cloth so that whatever loose dirt and dust lies on its coat, gets cleared.
  • Always use lukewarm water for the purpose. Excessive hot or cold water could hurt it in a rather serious manner.
  • Use a bathtub or vessel that suits your dog’s wash-up in an efficient manner. Fill enough water so that the feet are always submerged while body and head remains out.
  • A better way is to use a spray for submerging its coat with water. Spray the water all over its body avoiding its face so that it does not get disturbed and starts running leaving your process at stake.
  • Use a good quality shampoo, the ones that do not bother with the hair and skin afterwards. Apply the shampoo all over avoiding its eyes and ears. Use the no-tear shampoo available specifically for the purpose. Wash the feet, legs and tail with utmost care as maximum dirt is acquired in these parts only.
  • Very carefully rinse the shampoo out of its coat so that no particles remain afterwards to get it to its nerves. If it happened to be that shampoo particles are still on the skin, it may make your dog go mad, itching itself.
  • Use a towel or a blow dryer with low temperature to dry its skin. Dogs are in a habit of shaking their wet skin. For some, it may be fun but this behavior needs to be checked for the long-run.
  • After a quick bath, let the dog rest in a clean place, if it wants to dry itself more in the sun or shade.  Most dogs are in a habit of sleeping after the bath.

These are some important dog grooming tips that are to be inculcated while cleansing your barking fellow. Remember! It may not like the idea to clean itself, but, it is your prime responsibility to make it fit enough to live with you. One more tip, close the door of the bathroom while you perform the process in it. Who would like to run after his or her dog, with a pail of water in one hand and shampoo in the other one?

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