Dog Beds: Have You Got The Right Ones For Your Pet?

choosing pets bed

The living beings, and most accurately the mobile ones, are able to work efficiently throughout the course of their life due to a definite portion of rest in the midst of their labor. It is this rest in the form of short rest-intervals, naps, snooze or deep slumber that revitalizes their body to turn it ready for the next set of activities.The living beings, and most accurately the mobile ones, are able to work efficiently throughout the course of their life due to a definite portion of rest in the midst of their labor. It is this rest in the form of short rest-intervals, naps, snooze or deep slumber that revitalizes their body to turn it ready for the next set of activities.

You would have often viewed that lack of sleep or extensive labor without breaks could literally exhaust you to a level that it turns difficult to concentrate on your work. Apart from human beings, the pets that you have too have a definite resting span in a particular day.

When you allow them to rest properly, they turn to be more bubbly and vivacious, than they would be in their continuous activity mode. Many of the pet keepers get specific beds for their pet dogs, which suit their utmost comfort and resting periods. But if you think that getting a bed for your pet dog is an easy job, you could be in the wrong with such a misconception.

Pet beds are specifically meant for the usage of your pets, designed according to their weight, body-size and various other factors. This is why you need to take into account appropriate measures before buying a suitable, comfortable bed for your dog.

This article would offer you knowledge with the distinct pet beds, throwing light on the following major concepts:

  • Dog beds and need for specific ones for your pets
  • Kinds of dog beds available for the pets
  • Factors while choosing a particular dog bed
  • Pet Beds and their effective upkeep

What Are Dog Beds And Why Your Pet Needs Them?

As mentioned before, pet beds are specially formulated resting products that support specifically the body of pets, according to their body characteristics. These are almost dissimilar to the normal beds of humans in terms of materials of which they are made.

Human beds are generally the sturdy ones, with only the fluffy beddings to support their body. In contrast, the pet beds could basically be the beddings only, which are formed with some level off the floor. Once you have trained your dog using the pet grooming tips, your dog would require no instructions and would automatically learn to rest on it.

The needs of pet beds have increased quite a bit in the recent times, since pet parents have realized that human beds could be quite uncomfortable for their pets.

Specially, if your dog suffers sue to some kind of disorder or pain in its body, the discomfort could increase manifolds if pets are made to rest on hard wooden or metallic beds.

Due to this, your pet dog too could be provided a specific bed of its own, which could be portable enough to put at any serene portion of the house, away from the normal hustle and bustle.

Various kinds of pet beds available: 

Depending upon the kind of dog you have and various other factors, you could choose from a wide variety of beds available commercially. Some of these are as follows:

  • Curler Beds: These are basically meant for small or medium-sized dogs. With a particular sleeping space available in between, the side of the bed is surrounded by elevated surfaces which prevent its slipping while sleeping. You could call them donut shaped beds or bolster-style beds.
  • Burrowing Beds: These are specially formulated dog beds that cover your dogs almost completely while they sleep. They are kinds of raised platform with a hood over the bed that guards them from the cold environment, insects or any other perilous elements that could influence their body. Also, if your pet is extremely vulnerable to cold, these burrow beds could be mighty helpful in safeguarding the body heat while they sleep.
  • Sprawling Beds: Sprawling beds are similar to the beddings in the shape of a bed. These are mostly rectangular or circular in their shape, without any kind of support with them. These beds could be bought for the dogs that grow big in their size as these provide the complete freedom for the dog to extend its legs in any direction without disturbance.
  • Leaning Beds: Just as you would bring a couch for yourself to lean comfortably, Leaning beds have a kind of support at one of the ends for the pet to lean. These could also be known as dog couches as your dog could be supported from one end, spreading its legs on the other to prevent falls. These are also helpful when your pet needs a pillow to sleep
  • Orthopedic Dog Beds: Just as the name indicates, these beds are meant for the medical purposes. If you have a dog that is old or has some kind of body ailment, these beds could be mighty helpful in supporting the body. Basically, these are made up of materials that do not crumble on to a particular space and prevent harsh pain in your pet’s affected portions.
  • Heated Dog Beds: Heated dog beds are made up of materials that keep the body of dogs warm when they require the conditions. These beds are suitable to the dogs which are old, disordered or lose their body heat fast. With the kind of conditions they provide, the beds could be used to relieve the joint pains and muscle aches with their comforting conditions. Also, if you live in colder regions, these beds could provide additional safety to your pets.
  • Dog Cots: These are the comfortable, portable loungers that could be used by pets to rest for a specific period. These could even be placed outside when your pet requires basking in the sun or could be taken on the beaches for your pet to rest. These are made up of durable waterproof fabrics that are easy to clean and efficient to be used by your pet.

These are the basic kinds of dog beds that are available for the usage of your pets. You could get these depending upon the factors which are to be kept in mind.

While Choosing A Particular Bed For Your Dog:

Pet bed is not just dependent on one condition, but many of these have to be considered to get an effective product for your pet. Some of the conditions that are to be kept in mind while purchasing a dog bed are:

  • Size and weight of your dog is one of the most imperative considerations while buying a dog bed. If required, measure your dog when it stretches completely and order for a bed according to it. If you have a puppy that is yet to attain its normal size, care to take a dog bed according to the expected size of the fully grownup dog.
  • Consider the covering on the bed. Get the dog beds with removable and washable covers. This would be effective in cleaning the same regularly, without even putting in too much labor in the process.
  • If your dog requires a pillow while sleeping, get a pet bed that has required elevations on its side.
  • The environmental conditions may also be considered while getting a particular bed for your dog.  If you thrive in extremely cold regions, get a bed that could prevent the cold from creeping in your pet’s body. Lest, your pet may end up shivering all through the night and end up getting a cold.
  • The amount you wish to spend on your pet bed could also be taken into account to get an appropriate one.
  • If your pet has some body troubles- pains, arthritis or muscle sores, you could get orthopedic or heated bed to comfort their body while they take rest.
  • Make sure that the material of your dog’s bed is not made up of products which attract insect inhabitance. These could get in your pet’s body to cause various disorders.

Upkeep Of The Pet Beds: 

As you consider it for the human sustenance, so is in regards to the beds of your dogs. Just as human beds could be susceptible to insects, dust, dirt and other dangerous elements, the beds of pets too are not spared from these.

This is why you need to clean the bed and the beddings of your pet beds in a regular manner and with the use of products that could suppress the attack of intoxicants. For instance, if the bed of your dog has a removable cover, you could take the cover out to wash it with a disinfectant.

Apart from this, vacuum cleaning the bed almost every alternate day could be helpful in removing the dust and the insects. These dust particles could cause allergies in your pet’s body and hence require an effective removal regularly.

Through these measures, you could offer your dog all the comfort with its private resting place, so that it could rest in serenity and be ready with utmost enthusiasm when it gets up.